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We are currently looking to expand our fiction team with amazing and experienced romance writers in all romance subgenres. Please note, writers must be US/Canada-based romance writers, but exceptions can be made if you are a brilliant writer from another native English country.

We are a fast-paced, growing ghostwriting service that can provide you with consistent and exciting projects! We offer continuous work without having to apply for each job. The work comes to you. Regardless of your romance subgenre preferences, we may have a job for you.

If you are someone who takes pride in your work and you’re looking to earn a consistent income doing something you enjoy while working from the comfort of your home or office alongside an exciting and brilliant team, then you may just fit our criteria and land yourself an exciting new gig.

The Company

Our brand is synonymous with high quality writing and a great customer experience. Our online reviews are a testament to our values. We are thrilled and continue to strive for more.

However, our focus isn’t just on our clients, but also on the team that helps make this happen. We love our team and are dedicated to creating an enjoyable work environment. Our working relationship ensures we can keep their calendars full of exciting projects while providing them with a steady income.

In return, our writers make sure that every client receives an outstanding experience from start to finish. As a collective, we’re always looking for ways to improve our process. Our commitment to quality is an aspect of our brand. We’re always looking to improve, which is part of the reason our company has continued to grow.

This growth also extends to our community of writers. We have a number of development programs which allows our team to take their craft to a higher level. These programs include our book club, mastermind groups, editor feedback, and writing discussions, along with other activities. Our development program is run by USA Today best-selling romance author, Delsheree Gladden, who leads our Training and Development department. So you’ll be managed and trained by the best.

Please keep reading if this resonates with you.

Pay Rate

Our current rate is $15 USD per 1,000 words. Our projects range from 20k to 150k words.

Our busier writers earn $2,000+ a month writing a few hours a day around their studies and  other gigs.

Our Requirements

We’re looking for romance writers with a good basic skill level, who are familiar with similar paced roles. Partnered with a good understanding of romance conventions, as well as the tropes of our preferred romance themes.

Here’s what’s required to be part of our team:

  • You write amazing romance stories with a lot of tension, suspense, great dialogue, and good character development and characterization.
  • You are US/Canada based, or an exceptional writer from a different native English country. You are a native English speaker and writer.
  • You can work with deadlines. We typically deliver around 3k words per day.
  • You are knowledgeable in your preferred romance subgenres, themes/tropes. You understand the readers. You understand basic conventions that make a subgenre/theme/etc, and you can write to market.
  • You take pride in your writing and can consistently deliver high-quality novels. You focus on delivering what the reader and client want.
  • You are looking for a long-term gig and are eager & available to start.
  • You are available throughout the day to respond to team and client messages on our platform.
  • You are reliable, well-spoken, open to constructive criticism, and a good communicator.

Few things to consider before applying

Important: When applying, you’ll be asked to select up to three of your best subgenres. Choose the subgenres you most enjoy and are knowledgeable about . Please submit a sample doc, docx, or PDF file for each subgenre you select. If you’re successful, we’ll hire you for 1, 2 or all 3 of your chosen subgenres based on your ability to write and your understanding of each subgenre’s conventions. We put a lot of emphasis on this as it’s vital to understand what the reader wants.

We’ll prioritize those who can commit to at least 3-6 months of work. We’re seeking long-term relationships with our team because our clients love to create a series of projects with the same writer. Once expectations are clear with a client, you can expect awesome projects to keep flowing your way.

You must be able to sit and write in order to meet deadlines. Good planning should make this easier. Again, availability throughout the day to respond to messages on our platform is essential.

Finally, you must fully understand what a ghostwriting position entails; no official credit will be given to you for the work completed.

How To Apply?

If you’re still interested, we’re excited to hear from you! To apply, please click the link below to complete an application form consisting of multiple choice questions, as well as the ability to upload your writing samples. If you’re a little unsure about your level of experience, please still get in touch. As long as you show an understanding of romance fiction in your answers and your provided doc, docx, or PDF samples, we’d love to consider you.

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