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VIT Part-Time Support

Pay: $100 a day

Full Job Description

Want to earn $100 and help honor the legacy of Veterans?

GovernmentCIO is looking to hire part-time Veteran employees to be part of our Veterans Initiatives Team (VIT). The VIT is designed to support Veterans by tackling some of the most complex challenges facing Veterans and to gain their input on topics that affect them.


The VIT will provide testing of Veteran facing applications, provide insight on policy and legislation that is being considered by Congress and other organizations, be eligible for all GovernmentCIO full-time employment opportunities, and assist in identifying challenges facing Veterans and the accompanying solutions.


There will be opportunities each quarter to participate in this activity, but it is not a requirement to participate every quarter.

  • Be a Veteran of the U.S Military
  • Become a part-time, on-call employee of GovernmentCIO
  • Be available to provide support quarterly while working within the United States (US territories excluded)

Company – GovernmentCIO