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Odysseyware Academic Services partners with school districts throughout the nation offering a comprehensive academic program. By providing web-based curriculum and highly qualified and state certified teachers to partnering schools, Odysseyware Academic Services aids in the effort to bridge the mandates of education and the limited resources of school districts. Odysseyware Academy is accredited by AdvancED, the world’s largest accrediting body, and allows individual students to enroll directly with Odysseyware Academy and earn their diploma.

Odysseyware Virtual Teachers are certified content experts who work with students in the Academy and through our Academic Services division, on an as needed basis. When courses and enrollments become available, teachers in our hiring pool will be notified and trained.

Our teachers provide instructional support to students of diverse backgrounds. Odysseyware uses the personalized learning model through the implementation of our competency based, digital curriculum. Students truly own their learning by progressing through self-paced modules. Our teachers act as academic coaches, facilitators of learning, and a repository of knowledge and resources. OW Virtual Teachers work remotely and asynchronously, while being prepared to provide direct instruction via a synchronous platform as needed.

Basic qualifications of an effective Odysseyware virtual teacher include:

* Work well independently and remotely

* Communicate effectively with students, partner schools, and/or parents

* Flexibility in teaching approach to accommodate student needs

* Possess operational competency in use of technology tools

* Excellent organizational, problem solving, decision-making, and social skills

* Excellent attention to detail and ability to keep accurate, organized records

* Satisfy all continuing educational requirements as instructed by state certification standards.

Teacher Task List:

* Closely monitor student progress relative to their individual course schedule

* Respond promptly to questions or requests from students, partner schools, and/or parents

* Maintain timely grading of student work

* Enter all pertinent information/communication in the Student Information System

* Monitor end dates to ensure students are staying on track in the course, and actively contact the student and partner
school/parent if concerns arise

* Ensure that you issue final grades in a timely manner when a student completes a course

* Hold regularly scheduled office hours each week

* Distribute announcements and updates at least monthly and maintain an academic calendar that you can share with all interested parties

* Participate in faculty meetings, hardware, software and/or educational training sessions as scheduled


* Certification to teach appropriate subject and grade level

* Should possess Odysseyware minimum technology specifications with high speed Internet access

* Strong technology skills

* Excellent communication skills

* Customer focused approach

* High degree of flexibility

* Ability to work well in a dynamic virtual environment

* You will have experience with online instruction.

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