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Job Category:

Virtual Assistant, Role Playing




Job Description

* BTS is looking for numerous part-time role player candidates to join our expanding Assessment Practice

* Individuals will be responsible for conducting phone-based role play exercises and rating each participant’s performance as part of our ongoing large-scale virtual assessment center

* Successful candidates will be expected to work 8 – 24 hours per week and full and half day shifts are available

* Assessments are conducted Monday – Friday and available shifts are:

8 AM – 5:45 PM ET

8 AM – 1 PM ET

1 PM – 5:45 PM ET

* We have a strong preference, at this time, for individuals who are able to work the 1-5:45 PM ET shift

* This is an ongoing, consistent position and the compensation for this role is $15/hour

Required Skills

* Past role playing experience is NOT required

* Previous customer service experience is preferred

* Ability to work in a virtual environment

* Access to computer and email account (a computer with Windows 7, or higher or Mac OSX 10.6 or higher)

* Consistent access to a stable broadband internet connection (at least 3.5Mbps, determined using a site such as with a wired Ethernet (i.e., internet) interface (wireless is not recommended)

* Must have a USB headset or other type of headset that plugs into the mic/speaker jack on a computer (must contain headphone and mic together such as iPhone headphones)

* Must be available for work over the summer and Christmas holiday (with the exception of Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and other legal holidays)

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