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Administrative, Virtual Admin, Marketing, Online Marketing

Pay: TBD


This job is being posted on behalf of Growth Machine ( by Profit Factory ( Profit Factory is a company that works with entrepreneurs to match them to virtual assistants.

Growth Machine (( is a marketing agency that provides content marketing and SEO services to Fortune 500 Companies, Y Combinator Startups, and top ecommerce brands. Our work has been featured widely in the marketing industry, and over 3,000,000 people read our content each month.

We’re looking for a clear-minded, get it done, tech-savvy (has used a CRM such as Hubspot, knows what digital marketing is, can work in Asana and WordPress) virtual assistant to support our CEO/Founder in taking over the non-creative parts of running his site. You’ll be the gatekeeper to make sure things get done. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Managing tasks in Asana.
  • Posting content.
  • Uploading, formatting, and sending a weekly newsletter.
  • Recording notes from conversations.
  • Responding to reader emails
  • Prioritizing work that needs to be done and managing any inbound from clients.

There are very few calls, so there is a lot of freedom in how you want to set your schedule. This position could grow to full time fairly quickly.

You’ll need to be extremely proactive and self-managing. This position is for someone who loves seeing things that need to get done and running with them, rather than waiting to be tasked.

You’ll need to be experienced with these tools:

  • Asana (or some type of project management tool Trello, Basecamp)
  • WordPress
  • CRM such as Hubspot
  • Google Suite (sheets, gmail, docs)

The tools we use are Roam, Webflow, Google Suite, Asana, Gmail, Convertkit, and Hubspot.

Position Details

  • This is a 1099 contractor position.
  • The position will start out at 20-25 hrs/week and grow to full time
  • The starting pay rate for this position is $20/hr.
  • We’re looking for someone to partner with us long term (3+ years)

How to Apply:

Email: (Please do not contact Growth Machine directly. Doing so will eliminate you from consideration. Thank you.)

In the subject line, please write, “Hi, I’m (your name) from (insert your city & state). I’m interested in the Growth Machine position.”

In the body of the message, please write me a 15 sentence email including:

  • Two sentence opening salutation that says: “Hi there. I’m (your name) from (city, state).”
  • Paragraph #1: Reason(s) why you think this job is a fit for you, including your experience with managing someone else’s email inbox and Asana. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #2: Your experience assisting with creating and documenting processes. (red font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #3: Your level of understanding and/or experience with WordPress and a CRM such as Hubspot on a scale of 0-10. (blue font, Verdana, 3 sentences)
  • Paragraph #4: If you are/are not currently working, why a new position interests you, and what you think you’ll be doing in three years. (black font, Verdana, 3 sentences)

One sentence closing providing the following:

  • a closing salutation including your name, email address, phone number, and a link to your LinkedIn profile (if you have one).

Be sure to attach a resume. Thanks!

Company – Profit Factory

Website –

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