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$10/hour plus appointment bonuses starting at $10 per valid/held/set appointment.


We are looking for someone to telecommute (work from home) as an IT Marketing Assistant with the possibility of marketing other accounts in addition to IT.  This is an independent contractor position.  Covenant Business Group, Inc. has clients all over the United States.  These clients hire our company to get someone on the phone for them to make calls to set up appointments.  These are all business to business calls—made during normal business hours in the time zone of the account.  All training and support is done by Covenant Business Group, Inc. and we do not charge any fees.  You will be required to have a dedicated business phone line (no voice over internet or cell phones) with voice mail, a DBA license, a computer, high speed internet, e-mail that can accept attachments up to 15MB in size, and a quiet work environment without distractions.  The software we use is ACT 6.0 and WinFax 10.0.  If you do not have these programs, they can be supplied to you.  Training is provided at no charge.

A basic overview of the position is that you will be assigned to an account that is overseen by one of our managers.  The manager will be the person you check in with for each shift, send a daily report to, role play with, and go to for all support.  ACT 6.0 is the database program.  This program will hold the list of people for you to call.  As you will go through in training, you will be given specific scripts to use and specific letters to fax or e-mail to the people you speak with.  You will do an initial cold call asking if you can fax or e-mail them some information.  Then two business days later, you will call them back and ask if they would be interested in setting up an appointment for the client to go out on.  You will fax/e-mail a confirmation letter and also call to confirm the appointment 1-2 business days ahead of the appointment.  More specifics are provided in the training materials but that is the basic overview.

Part-time to Full-time hours available during normal business hours in the time zone of the account.

If this sounds like a good match for you, please submit a resume via e-mail to with the subject line “Virtual Marketing Assistant”.

How To Apply

To apply, send email to