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Job Category:

Virtual Assistant, Project Manager

Pay: TBD


Free Agency is a unique talent startup that helps people upgrade and accelerate their career trajectory. Hollywood entertainers and athletes have agents — why shouldn’t everyone else? We currently serve clients (Free Agents) who work in the technology industry. We’ve raised $5.35m from amazing investors, including Resolute Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, Ludlow Ventures, and more.

We represent knowledge workers in their careers, similar to agents or brokers in other industries. Some of what we provide is digital, such as tools to track skills, interesting jobs, and career progress. Most of what we provide is concierge service, in the form of Talent Agents who pair with our Free Agent clients on a one-to-one basis.

These Free Agents are primarily mid-to-senior candidates in the tech industry, with a density in New York and San Francisco. That includes roles in engineering, product management, marketing, operations, and every other functional area at tech-forward organizations.

We’re looking for virtual assistants to support our clients and Talent Agents with a variety of daily activity. As a part of the Talent Enablement team, you’ll help communicate with clients, track statuses of interviews, manage multiple email inboxes, assist in activity tracking, and more. We think of this role as that of a project manager for a relationship.

You might be good for this role if other job titles you’re looking at include:

  • Project Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Customer Service Representative

Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Supporting the relationships between Free Agency, our Talent Agents, and our clients through daily communication over Slack.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of multiple email inboxes, fielding responses, and assisting with the coordination of calendars + schedules.
  • Maintenance of data, activity, and metrics through forms, surveys, and databases that fuel the activity we do as a business to support our clients.
  • Providing Talent Agents with a general state across a portfolio of clients, ensuring that issues are escalated and clients are satisfied.

Things you may want to know:

  • This role requires serious attention to detail, as our clients have high expectations of us in the execution of our daily work.
  • This role requires the ability to manage time well, act decisively, and crunch tasks, as you’ll have a lot to do and shouldn’t spend too much time on any particular task.
  • This is a remote role with flexible hours. However, your working hours should overlap with our company’s general operating hours, which tend to be 9am to 6pm ET from Monday through Friday.
  • It’s important that you’re a digital native and can use tools like Slack, CRMs, multiple email inboxes, and are generally capable of learning new tools on the fly.
  • People in this role learn a tremendous amount about the tech industry, startups, and all the related roles + talent we work with.

Company – Free Agency