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Andovar strives to be the preferred client for its translators and editors in order to build comfortable, lasting relationships. Here is why freelance linguists rate us so highly:

* We work with clients with substantial workloads and recurring business, meaning steady work for our translators.

* Our engineers are ready to help solve any issues with CAT tools.

* Our project managers will provide clear instructions and feedback.

* Wherever possible, we work with our clients to create and use quality terminology databases, style guides, pronunciation glossaries and reference materials.

* We do not consider translation a black-box process. Accordingly, we ensure that there is a clear path for communication. Whether it is a project specific question or post-project suggestion for improvement, we value your opinion.

Our requirements are:

* Relevant experience in your field of expertise

* Willingness to take a short free test to prove ability

* Own and use a CAT tool

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