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Translation, Spanish, Portuguese




Jumpseller is an e-commerce platform serving more than 10.000 merchants around the globe. We regularly create content in English for our website and support documentation that needs to be translated into Portuguese and Spanish. The content is mostly related to e-commerce, digital marketing and technology.

The Role

We are looking for a freelance Translator to proofread various content that is created in-house on a frequent (mostly weekly) basis and translate it from English to Portuguese or English to Spanish. The content needs to maintain the original meaning, format and tone, make complete sense and not lose its appeal after being translated from English.

You Have

– Native-speaker level, written and spoken, for Portuguese (from Portugal) or Spanish;

– Fluency in English writing as well;

– Excellent proofreading skills and have the ability to identify grammar, spelling and punctuation errors;

– Worked as a Translator, Interpreter or similar role;

– Experience of technical (IT) writing is a plus;

– Good at meeting deadlines.

You Will

– Read and thoroughly understand the context of the given material;

– Ensure the translated texts conveys the original meaning and tone;

– Proofread articles produced;

– Provide ready-to-use translated content that meets our internal needs and helps us reach a broader audience.

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