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GlobaLink is a full-service company assisting clients with their translation and cultural adaptation needs. We firmly believe that the success of your translation project is a product of both the professionals translating your materials and the individuals who oversee your project to completion. Our mission is to create the highest quality translations and services for our clients in order to help them reach their goals. GlobaLink specializes in the translation and cultural adaptation of your documents — we are confident that you will be impressed by both the quality of GlobaLink translations and by the professional nature in which your project is handled. Since we are committed to building and maintaining lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring your complete satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.

At GlobaLink, we are always looking to expand our network of Translators and Translation Reviewers. If you are a professional with expertise in a specific area, we welcome your application.

The Translation Review Team consists of independent linguistic and/or industry-specific Translation Reviewers who are responsible for reviewing any front translations created by GlobaLink Front Translation Teams. Each Reviewer verifies the corresponding translation for any grammatical, spelling, or terminology errors, suggests any recommended linguistic and/or wording modifications, further ensures the translation’s suitability for its target country, and generally assesses the quality of the document(s). The Translation Review Team can include linguistic and/or industry-specific professionals depending on your project needs.

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