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Administrative, Translation, Bilingual


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CC is hiring a part-time contractor to assist with technical and administrative aspects of creating, publishing and documenting official translations of 4.0 and CC0. This individual will work closely with legal, tech, and the regional coordinators. Time commitment will be heavier at the beginning of the project as this person assists in pulling forward and documenting pending and completed translations, and establishing new processes to make our translation work more effective.


1. Technologically literate and willing to learn new technical skills in a self-directed way. Familiarity with Git, Github, Mediawiki, Transifex, and the UNIX shell a plus. Basic knowledge of HTML required.

2. Ability to stage HTML files of drafts of official translations, create/manage/edit wiki pages, and WordPress pages.

3. A truly wonderful candidate would be able to automate some of our processes using the existing tools CC uses.
Understanding of CC licenses and legal tools; familiarity with CC legal tool translation policies and guidelines.

4. Fluent in English, other languages a plus.

5. Culturally sensitive, able to work with teams around the globe.

Project Services

1. Assist with reviews of the translation drafts.

2. Help organize translation teams and establish target timelines and schedules for completing translations.

3. Rethink and organize translation project pages on the CC wiki, including means for public to track progress of translations underway and to understand essential translation decisions for completed translations.

4. Serve as the technical liaison between the legal team and the tech team, including upload and verification of HTML files during review process and publishing final translations for public use.

5. Assist in the development and maintenance of translation policies and practices, standard license translation forms and tools.

6. Organize and inventory translations on Transifex and help create an updated workflow for teams helping with this work.

7. Provide basic support to translation teams for administrative and technical tasks.
Other related tasks as reasonably requested.

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization and leader in the global movement for free culture and open knowledge with an affiliate community in 85 countries. Our free, easy-to-use copyright licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give anyone permission to share and use your creative work—from “all rights reserved” to “some rights reserved.” The first phase of CC’s work was about establishing the licenses as standard, and growing the archive. Today, the global commons stands at over 1.1 billion licensed works, made up of photos, video, audio, datasets, open textbooks, research, 3D models, and more. As CC implements a new organizational strategy reflecting the input of our global community, the next phase of our work will establish a more vibrant, usable commons powered by collaboration and gratitude.

This is a part time contract ending in December 2016. We estimate 10-15 hours per week on average. Creative Commons is a distributed organization so the successful candidate will work from their home or other location. Pay will be hourly, with the rate negotiated based on the skills and experience of the selected candidate. Some travel may be required.

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