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Transcription, Translation, Proofreading




We are always looking for talented, capable transcriptionists, proofreaders and translators who are willing to be as focused on the satisfaction of our customers as we are.

Benefits of working with Babbletype

Work from Home

All you need is a computer, headphones, a good internet connection and at least a few hours of peace and quiet each day.

Work on your schedule

Life can be busy and complicated. Maybe you can only work during certain hours of the day (or night). Or maybe you can’t work on Tuesday or Thursdays. With Babbletype, you can work on the days and during the times you choose.

We operate on a daily assignment cycle. You can sign up for assignments anytime up to 4PM Eastern Time each day, and all assignments are due by 4PM the following day.

Get paid weekly

Babbletype pays weekly via PayPal for all work completed, regular as clockwork. Our work week starts each Sunday evening Eastern Time, and ends the following Sunday afternoon. We send you a report of what we owe you the following Wednesday, and fund PayPal the day after that.

Grow your skills

We routinely provide feedback for all work performed, so that you can steadily improve your abilities.

What we’re looking for

Native speakers only

As a matter of policy, we only assign work to people who are native speakers of the language we are assigning. For transcriptionists and proofreaders, that means English. For translators, you must be a native speaker in the source language, as well as completely fluent in English.

Language proficiency

This may be obvious, but we only work with people who can compose clear and accurate English. We’re not looking for grammarians, but we are looking for people who know basic grammar, who know how to spell, who know how to use the internet to research terms, who check their own work, and who deliver work which doesn’t require constant cleanup from other people. We are not looking for perfection, but we are looking for good, clean, professional work.


Our clients count on us to deliver their work with great quality, on time. We’ll be looking for the same from you.

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