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Proofreading, Editing, Data Entry




We are currently looking to expand our roster of freelance contractors to perform the service of proofreading in our English Transcription Division. The work is part-time and can be tailored to your schedule.


Work at home. All duties for this position are to be performed remotely via Internet.


– Review text transcripts against source audio and correct all typos, mishears, word substitutions, and any other type of error.
– This includes proper punctuation, and researching of proper names and terms as necessary.

– Formatting final transcripts according to project specs; templates will be provided.

– Time-stamping and other document notations as required by individual projects.

Profile of the Candidate:

– U.S.-based, native English speaker.

– 1-5 years of relevant experience (i.e. editing/proofreading work with a publishing company, secretarial experience, work in education, etc.) or current student status. If lacking experience in this regard, explain why your personal pursuits have given you the aptitude to be successful in this position.

– Ability to work autonomously without supervision, and to accept regular feedback on your submitted work.

– Strict adherence to deadlines.

– Excellent communication skills.

– Expertise using Microsoft Word.


The position offered is paid per word of each submitted transcript. This is a freelance contractor position and does not include benefits, IRA, or medical plan.

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