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Data Entry




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Job description:

For this short term research project, raters/transcribers listen to audio responses of adults whose first language is not English, and they 1) provide a score of how well they can understand the response using a specific scoring rubric, and 2) transcribe the words in the responses using specific transcription notation. All work will be done remotely, and raters/transcribers will work 15-20 hours per week for approximately 2 weeks betweenJanuary 14th to 31st.


* English native speaker

* Some post-secondary education

* Typing speed of 55 WPM

* Ability to work 15 to 20 hours/week

* DoNOThave teaching experience in ESL or English

* DoNOThave education in Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, English, TESOL


Technical requirements:

* Good Internet connection

* Computer (PC or Mac)

* Earphones/headset

Hourly rate:

* $15/hour

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