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Customer Service Representative



Overview’s customer satisfaction team is at the heart of what we do. Through our company’s Just Right 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, we’re committed to always making sure our customers are happy. The team troubleshoots customer questions about our website, helps customers design products on our site, and assists with recently placed orders.

We provide great customer service through phone and email support during our company’s business hours – which you can do from your home, or any private space you find comfortable, so long as it’s quiet enough for phone calls and has fast, reliable Internet access. Because so much of this job is online, reliable home broadband access is essential. You’ll interact with other members of our team primarily through online communications tools like a chat room or email – but rest assured: we’ve got a lot of personality and have a lot of fun! We will provide great training to help you get started, and we’ll always be available to support you as a member of our customer satisfaction team.

We love what we do. Our customers do, too. Some of the stories we receive from customers are truly touching, whether it’s a customer delighting a friend with a one-of-a-kind birthday gift or a family member comforted in hospice by one of our custom fleece photo blankets. We make a difference in people’s lives and we have fun doing it, too. If this sounds up your alley – we want you!


* Strong verbal and written communications skills

* Ability to master several moderately complex new software systems quickly

* Strong typing, phone, and computer navigation skills.

* Ability to navigate the internet, multiple browsers, email, and instant messenger/chat tools.

* Demonstrated attention to detail and organizational skills

* Ability to work independently

* Fluent spoken and written English

* Reliable, fast broadband Internet access and a computer with at least 4GB of RAM

* Android or iOS smartphone

* Consistent Attendance – The holiday season is a crucial gift giving time for our customers, and they need our help!
You’ll need to provide a schedule you can commit to.

Important Qualities:

* Must be friendly: If you’re not excited about helping people or interacting with customers all day by phone or email, this job definitely isn’t a good fit for you.

* Must be patient and empathetic: Sometimes, our customers have bad days or have a difficult time with technology. The right person for this job stays calm, patient, and empathetic during stressful situations.

* Must be able to think on your feet: Customers can have technical issues that may be difficult to recreate. We need to go above and beyond to make a customer happy. Nobody likes talking to customer service people who just read a script, so we don’t have them. This job is for someone who can think on their feet and is comfortable doing so.

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