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Customer Service, Data Entry


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We are seeking at-home telephone data collectors to conduct phone interviews on a variety of subjects, such as education, the environment, health and transportation

The initial project assignment will require the candidate to be able to work 20-40 hours per week during the following times: Weekdays (9am 7pm ET), Weekends (Sat. 10am 6pm ET; Sun. 2pm 10pm ET)

After the initial assignment, selected candidates must be able to work and willing to work during the following times: evenings (6pm 10pm ET) late evenings (9pm 12am ET) and as least one weekend shift per week (Weekends:Sat 10am 6 pm ET; Sun 2pm 10pm ET) There will be minimal day hours available after the initial assignment.

Candidates must:

* be 18 or older

* provide voice sample

* Meet the following at-home equipment requirementsat the time of application:
Land line phone serviceNot permitted:Cell phones,Satellite internet/phone service such as Dish NetworkFeatures (e.g. call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding etc.) must be disabled during working hoursLong distance service is NOT required

* A corded telephone with a hands-free corded headset (cordless phones and Bluetooth headsets are not permitted).

* A reliable Windows based (Windows 7 or later) PC computer, and ability to upgrade as security and operational requirements change.

* Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software installed with current and updated virus definitions

* Internet Explorer (IE) installed -most current non-beta version

* Up-to-date Shockwave and Acrobat Reader software installed (can be downloaded for free)

* Regular in-home access to a printer

* A wired high speed internet connection (cable, DSL or fiber optic only) with a minimum of 10 mbps download and upload speedsConnection must be hard-wired with Ethernet cable connection during working hours. Use of wireless routers, WIFI, not permitted

* A web cab with video and audio functionality that can be connected to your work computer (ability to set up a
Skype account and install appropriate software for home work environment verifications)

* A quiet private and secure work space to conduct interviews (does not have to be a dedicated office, but work environment must be quiet and secure during work hours, including training)

* Any offer of employment may be contingent upon receipt of acceptable results from a post-offer background screening, if required for the position, based on the specific position which may include, for example, identity verification, employment history, or criminal records history.

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