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Influence & Co. represents a variety of experts, from entrepreneurs to doctors. While our clients are all experts in their fields, they may not have the time to write their own articles. This is where our freelance writers come in. Our freelance writing staff utilizes insights provided by our clients to create coherent, compelling articles that capture each client’s voice.

This form of content marketing utilizes the client’s expertise and some additional research to develop high-quality articles that readers will love. These are usually between 600 and 900 words. As most of the information is provided by Influence & Co. and the client, the writer’s task is structuring the piece, following provided publication guidelines, rephrasing to match the client’s goals and tone, and crafting a compelling introduction and conclusion.

Freelance writers work with our editorial staff via Core, our internal software. Core houses assignment information, publication guidelines, and the client answer sets/interview files that serve as the foundation for the piece. Writers complete their assignments in Core and are given feedback on every piece produced.


We’re looking for talented freelance writers who have specific knowledge about technology in various industries. Candidates must be able to synthesize and contextualize highly complex ideas and frame them in a conversational narrative. Ideal candidates will be able to draw from their technical expertise to lend specificity to general technology topics.

Subjects you might write about include (but aren’t limited to):

* Artificial intelligence and machine learning

* Blockchain and cryptocurrency

* Cybersecurity and encryption

* Coding and web design and development

* Data management

* Health tech (e.g., electronic medical records, telemedicine, etc.)

* The Internet of Things

* Business process automation, customer relationship management software, etc.

If you like to write and learn about technology, this work is for you. A love of AP style and online writing is a must.

Number of Assignments Available
You determine how many assignments you are available for each week; most writers average between one and three articles. The availability of assignments fluctuates and is dependent upon our clients’ production.


We offer per-article pay on a monthly basis. Your base fee per assignment is determined by the quality of your test article and your previous experience. We provide raises and bonuses to writers for attention to detail, exceptional quality, and consistency. Our accounting team can send payments via direct deposit, PayPal, or check.

Evaluation Process

To become a candidate, you will need to complete an unpaid test article. This article will only be used to determine the quality of your writing and to assess whether this type of writing is a good fit; it will not be published. We’re excited to read your work!


Our Mission

Influence & Co.’s mission is to endlessly improve the way content is crafted and distributed. We are technology-fueled content creators who push the boundaries of what can be achieved for clients and readers alike.

Our Values:

* Create an autonomous, yet supportive, environment.

* Evolve to deliver more value.

* Serve others with trust and respect.

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