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Customer Service

Pay: $15/hr


Buffalo Lumber is a 3rd party internet retailer specializing in custom milled and factory finished wood siding. We represent several lumber mills and deliver to customers across the US and Canada.

The primary role of the order associate is to work closely with the Buffalo Lumber team to ensure orders are processed correctly and delivered in a timely fashion. The lumber and trucking industry has not yet reached the 20th century, and many of the vendors we deal with require continual follow-up.

To be a successful associate you must always put our customer’s best interest first, be able to take charge, not be intimidated by those resistant to change and to have a thick skin.


You must have Microsoft Office experience plus excellent phone and email skills

System requirements to remote into our VPN (private computer network):

  • High-speed, broadband connection to the internet
  • Two large monitors, one being a larger monitor 24in+

The main skills needed are:

  • Good voice with excellent phone presence
  • Good writing skills with email experience
  • Computer literate – Microsoft Office, Email, Docs, online search, typing
  • Willing to learn all things lumber – language and specifics
  • Willing to learn our email protocols and order software system
  • Attention to detail and very thorough
  • Flexible to cover extra hours as needed
  • Experience with Lumber & Trucking industry desired but not required

What the job looks like

We are a small, tight-knit team and use skype IM to communicate throughout the day and skype audio to meet 2-3 times a week to review order status with sales.

We use email to track every order step. There is not a lot of phone time except when pre-emptive calls to customers, mills and truck companies are needed to follow-up emails or to prevent Murphy Law strikes – “anything that can go wrong will go wrong”.

We have full-time computer and software support. And full-time order support to answer questions and provide assistance when issues arise.

It is a part-time telecommuting job Monday through Friday from 12:30pm – 5pm CST.

This is an independent contractor position. The pay scale starts out at $15/hr.

Are We a Match?

What we are looking for:

  • Warm on the phone with customers and vendors
  • Proactive personality, willing to take charge to assure customer satisfaction
  • Comfortable with computers; email, outlook, search
  • Comfortable with basic computer stuff; copy/paste, pdf snapshots, professional-looking emails
  • No apprehension about the nuts and bolts of the job and willing to learn our software and do what it takes

To Apply

If you have read this far you are ahead of the game! A good percentage of this job depends on how thorough you are and how well you present yourself with the written word.

To get an interview please email your resume to
Include a paragraph outlining how you will be a great fit for our order support position. A short personal video may be requested outlining how you will be a great fit for our position. Load your video to whatever cloud platform you prefer and create a shared link.

Company – Buffalo Lumber

Website –

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