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As a Teaching Assistant for School of Motion, you will be guiding students through our rigorous Motion Design Courses by helping them overcome the hurdles and unique challenges they are presented with by their course instructor.

Some of your biggest responsibilities will include:

* Provide inspiration and encouragement to students throughout the session

* Lift up students who do exceptional work with our Student Spotlight program

* Give written critiques to assignments submitted in our custom built Homework Locker

* Create near-weekly video reviews of student work to be seen by all current students.

* Clarify questions students have about lessons and assignments


You will be creating your own schedule. Our Teaching Assistants live all over the globe in many different time zones. However, there are three requirements for your schedule:

* You must be able to provide written assignment critiques within 24 hours of their submission on business days. You never need to work on weekends or on holidays, unless that’s when you want to work. It’s up to you.

* You must be able to record a video critique and upload it to the portal each week between Monday night and Wednesday at 2pm Eastern Standard Time. You must not record the video any earlier than Monday night, to allow for student submissions.

* You must be available on Slack, email, and on Facebook Groups to receive important updates from the School of Motion team and to help encourage students on their private session Facebook group.

We’re especially looking for Teaching Assistants who can start this Winter Session (January 7th – April 8)

You can live anywhere in the world. This is a temporary or contract position.

Required Skills:

* A strong grasp of the fundamentals of Motion Design as evident in your portfolio

* A love for teaching and mentoring Motion Designers of all skill levels

* Self-Motivation

* Amazing written and spoken communication skills in English

* A good microphone and a quiet place to do a 30 minute or less recording each week.

* Great internet connection

* Kind and Uplifting Personality

Additional Required Skills for Design Courses:

* Portfolio with evidence of artwork created for Motion Graphics pieces

* Storyboard / Moodboard creation

* A Solid Understanding of the Principles of Design

* A grasp color theory

* Typography

Pay and Eligibility:

Each session, you will be paid a fixed amount per assigned student between $50 and $100. The variation depends on the length of the course, the complexity of critiquing the course, and the skill level of the course. Most teaching assistants are assigned between 30 and 50 students per session. For more experienced TA’s with open availability, there is an opportunity to be assigned even more students. The number of students you are assigned each session is contingent upon the number of enrolled students in each School of Motion course.

For U.S. residents, you will be classified as a temporary, part-time employee, and must be eligible to work in the United States in order to meet the guidelines of Federal Tax Administrators.

For people living outside of the United States, you will be classified as a contracted 1099 position.

Sound like you? Here’s how to apply:

* Along with a link to your portfolio, please include some information about how you learned to be a Motion Designer, and why you would be great at motivating other Motion Designers around you to grow their skillset.

* Additionally, make sure to include the exact course(s) that you feel you are eligible to be a teaching assistant for, and indicate whether you are a 2D, 3D or bi-dimensional motion designer.

* If you are a School of Motion alumni, please make sure to mention which course you have taken!

* Don’t have a reel/portfolio or is all of your work under NDA? If you still feel that you meet all of the above qualifications, but can’t prove it because it’s all client work, download any of our free project files and complete the assignment, and submit it to us.

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