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Job Category:

Online Education, Teaching, English, Language Learning




To create an optimal learning environment, the University relies on Teaching Assistants to support instructional Faculty by interacting with students in online classrooms that have a large number of students.

We are currently in search of a passionate part-time Teaching Assistant to support our Online undergraduate level English class for the upcoming Winter quarter starting January 2, 2019.

Essential Duties:

* Analyze student activity within discussions and assessments and choose the appropriate responses

* Accurately use the right type of responses based upon training and input from the master instructor

* Assist in managing generic student communications

* Utilize online learning platform (Blackboard) to communicate with students

* Escalate unique issues to the master instructor

* Assist with grading

* Monitor engagement levels and provide recommendations on the best approach on how to increase engagement

* Other duties as assigned

* Adhere to university policies and procedures


* All degrees must be conferred and from an accredited institution to be considered

* Master’s degree in English, English Education or Communications required

Work Experience:

* Previous teaching experience with adult learners

Job Skills:

* Exhibits sound judgment in making decisions

* Ability to lead group discussions

* Ability to keep accurate records

* Strong verbal and written communication skills

* Must have strong computer skills


* Access information using a computer

* Effectively communicate, both up and down the management chain

* Manage potentially stressful situations in a professional and ethical manner

* Strong mental acuity

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