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Teaching, Education & Training

Pay: TBD


Potential Content Areas: General Pedagogy, Early Childhood Education, Elementary, Secondary English, Secondary Math, Secondary Science, Secondary Social Studies

If you love providing feedback and student support, working on a team of experienced high-performing educators, learning and working with new technology, and are hungry to further build your online instructional and support skill set on a part-time basis, the Teaching Assistant role is right for you. In this role, you’ll be able to work closely with a lead faculty member and build relationships with graduate students for the year.

During an average month, you can expect to do things like support your lead faculty member in facilitating online class via video conference about two to three times per month, correspond over email and telephone to support graduate students that need extra help, and grade assessments.

As a result of this effort, you’ll benefit from seeing teachers that you’ve worked with during the year grow as people and professionals. Plus, you’ll maximize your community impact by supporting teachers in generating significant, measurable student achievement gains in their K-12 classrooms.

To grow your own skills, you will have the opportunity to participate in team professional development, as well as work closely with your lead faculty member on more specific skills. This is a great opportunity for teachers who are looking to gain additional experience leading adult learners. Depending on content areas, there may be an opportunity to TA more than one section. If you are already employed with Relay GSE, please discuss with your interviewer and manager how this role would be situated within or outside your current role.


AY20-21 TA Responsibilities & Expectations

Preparation & Instruction

  • Attend weekly meetings with your lead instructor to review session materials and practice sessions
  • Support with scoring graduate students’ CFU assignments, including short videos, throughout the term, within two weeks of their due dates and ensure that all scores and comments are recorded in Canvas
  • Attend class (~6-8 classes in the fall and ~8-10 classes in the spring) with your lead instructor to provide technical support (e.g., manage Zoom chat, create breakout rooms, ensuring access to shared documents for all, take attendance) and student support (e.g., tracking student engagement)
  • Provide Canvas support for uploading synchronous session materials after class nights
  • Support with student follow-up (e.g., absence communication)

Student Assessment & Support

  • Participate in score norming activities with your lead APP ahead of all minor and major assessments
  • Score graduate students’ assessments within two weeks of the assessment due date and ensure that all scores and comments are recorded on Canvas
  • Communicate with Lead APP & TA on missing/incomplete student assessment on due dates to ensure timely communication to graduate student


  • Participate in TA onboarding at the beginning of the fall semester
  • Participate in TA development session at the beginning of the spring semester

Institutional Feedback

  • Share all resources used in weeknight sessions and provide feedback on curriculum
  • Perform other duties as assigned


First and foremost, the Teaching Assistant, Relay Online Offerings must share the team’s sense of urgency about the need to improve student achievement through phenomenal teacher training. Additionally, candidates for the position must have the following:

  • A master’s degree or doctoral degree
  • At least five years of experience teaching in a school serving a high-needs community with demonstrated K-12 student achievement
  • Ability to commit approximately 20-25 hours per month to the role
  • Demonstrated use of innovative technology in past roles; comfort with virtual teaching and relationship-building; design and/or teaching experience with online coursework highly preferred
  • Ability to work efficiently, intensely, and within an entrepreneurial environment
  • Ability to develop strong relationships and community in an online setting
  • A demonstrated passion for urban education and closing the opportunity gap


  • As part of our hiring process, we ask for candidates’ current manager as a final reference before an offer is extended.
  • Faculty openings are contingent on graduate student enrollment numbers.

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