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Education, Online Teaching

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Outschool is an educational marketplace offering live online classes for students ages 3-18. Classes take place in small groups over video chat. Our independent teachers create their own classes on topics they’re passionate about and control their teaching hours, class format, and rates. See this video for more information on what it’s like to teach on Outschool:

Create exciting, interactive classes on topics that speak to your interest and expertise. Schedule and price your classes. Respond to parent inquiries about your classes and teaching methods. Provide a high-quality class experience for learners and families. Confidently use our website to start video meetings with parents and communicate with families about learner progress.

Teach what you want

Outschool’s course marketplace has something for everyone: our classes cover a variety of topics in different formats for students ages 3-18. Outschool teachers offer semester-long classes as well as shorter introductory classes. Teachers create class listings that Outschool then promotes to families who are searching for the classes they need. We handle the logistics so that you can focus on teaching. Teach when you want Learners from around the world take Outschool classes and have a variety of educational backgrounds like brick and mortar schooling, homeschooling, and self-directed learning. Since our families’ needs vary so much, there is demand for classes at any time of the day. You can schedule your classes on weekdays during the school day, evenings, and weekends at your discretion. Outschool teachers can schedule as many class sections as they’d like, but note that teaching time will depend on family signups.


Earnings depend on the popularity of the class and the class size. Typically teachers charge around $12-$15 per hour per learner and can open their classes to between 1-18 learners. Some teachers earn up to $80 / hour once they have built up a following on Outschool. On average, teachers earn $30-$40 per teaching hour once they are established on Outschool. Enrollments are not guaranteed.


Our teachers should have: a passion and expertise in their chosen topics, an engaging teaching style, strong computer skills, and a broadband internet connection. Teachers will need to pass a background check and must be resident in, or a citizen of: the United States of America, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Company – Outschool

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