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CLASS100 is an award-winning online education company based in China. Since its inception, CLASS100 has enjoyed tremendous expansion and advancements in technology and has received lavish praise for its service. Partnering primarily with public schools, CLASS100 has enabled itself to provide a quality English education to a huge number of students in China. And most schools and our students are in remote areas in China where they do not enjoy the same educational resources than those in big cities.

Who We Are

CLASS 100 is an online English education platform for Chinese public school students.

What We Do

CLASS100 expertly partners with public schools across China to deliver technology into their English classes. Our real-time classroom seamlessly connects teachers and students across the globe. We provide a comprehensive setting for Chinese students all across the country to have an unparalleled experience learning English from ESL teachers. Designed as a dual-teacher classroom—one foreign teacher to teach and one Chinese teacher to assist—we guarantee the efficacy and quality of our classes.

What We Believe

The mainstay of our core values at CLASS100 is centered around redressing the imbalance of educational resources in China. We also believe that the future of education is interwoven with technology. It is our conviction that virtual classrooms can offer the perfect venue for underprivileged students to acquire knowledge in an imaginative, fun, and intuitive manner. CLASS100 is committed to ensuring that every Chinese student, no matter who they are or where they live, will have equal access to knowledge.

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