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Support Engineer

Pay: TBD

Full Job Description

Textile is a lab dedicated to building and exploring new technology to help decentralize consumer applications. We believe that the world’s most valuable future technology will be built on a new model where individuals have complete agency over the data they create. Our mission is to make that future happen faster.

Textile is known for building simple yet powerful developer tools that extend three families of protocols: Libp2p, IPFS, and Filecoin. You can learn more about our tools by reviewing our documentation and checking out some of our GitHub organization. We are a fully open source company with a strong focus on community.

We are a small, fully remote team (Twitter list) aligned in our vision to change the relationship between technology and personal data.

Are you passionate about technology and want to have a significant impact on its future? Then join us! Our community, vision, and product make for an exciting place where self-directed, collaborative, good people will thrive.

Role Overview
This position is a three-month freelance position with the possibility of additional projects at the end of three months. We aim to fill the role as soon as possible.

As a support engineer, you’ll write code examples, documentation, build applications, and support our growing community of developers. You’ll work directly with the entire Textile team and have tons of opportunities to learn, grow, experiment, and deliver open source code and knowledge. We put a ton of effort into helping our community innovate and are looking for someone we can trust and believe will do the same.

What you’ll do

Help customers use Textile APIs across their stack.
Manage support questions on public channels (Slack, GitHub, and email).
Write and improve public documentation.
Engineer novel examples using Textile tools and APIs.
Ideal Experience and Skills

High levels of intellectual curiosity, professionalism, and self-motivation.
Exemplary written communication and technical writing skills.
History of customer or community-focused work.
Familiarity with IPFS, Filecoin, or Web3.
Comfortable with tools such as GitHub and the command line.
Comfortable with JavaScript.
Open-source project experience. GitHub/GitLab links greatly appreciated.

Contribute to technology at the forefront of the web.
Work with a company on a mission to have a positive impact.
Work on a fully remote team.
Work on a small, passionate team.
An entrepreneurial opportunity where you can have oversized impacts.
Opportunity to drive innovation and strategy.
Your work will be open source.

Textile is a fully remote company spanning GMT -3 to GMT -7 (North America & South America). While being small, we’ve found that it is helpful to have a high level of overlap as a team, so we will give preference to applicants that fall within or close to those timezones.

Learn more about us at,, and see some of our output on @textileio.

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