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Full Job Description

We are a consulting firm specialising in post-graduate-level research, writing, and statistical analysis. We are seeking statisticians to (a) assist our clients in processing and analysing their data, and/or (b) advise on doctoral-level write up of methods, results, or discussion, and/or (c) provide feedback on the efficacy of different types of methods, techniques, and analyses. Some tests commonly requested by our clients include:

  • T-test
  • Paired t-test
  • Chi-square test
  • Linear Regression
  • Correlation
  • Thematic coding of transcripts, case studies, and focus groups

Education/Experience Required:

  • PhD or equivalent advanced academic degree
  • In lieu of advanced degree, significant working experience in statistics may be acceptable
  • Demonstrated experience working with quantitative and/or qualitative analysis (SPSS, NVivo, R, or MaxQDA)
  • Strong communication skills

Equipment Required:

  • MS Office 2010 or newer
  • Reliable Internet connection
  • Access to at least one of the following statistical analysis software packages: SPSS, R, NVivo, MaxQDA


  • Part-time, remote work, with flexible schedule options
  • You would be hired as a contractor

Hiring Process:

  • After reviewing your CV, if you have the appropriate credentials we will send you a Confidentiality Agreement to sign prior to sending you any of our training materials.
  • After we receive your signed confidentiality agreement, we will send you additional documentation including a statistics assessment and the job description. The statistics assessment is an important step in this process as we need to know that you really know how to conduct analyses of the nature that is common for our clients and are adept at communicating the findings.
  • After reviewing your statistics assessment, if you do well on it, you will be welcome to join our team. At which point we will send you more materials describing how projects are assigned and get you your first paid project!

How to Apply

  • Send CV
  • Send a cover letter describing the statistical analysis software and methods in which you are (a) an expert and (b) with which you are somewhat familiar.
  • Interested parties should send their CV and cover letter to our Director of Operations, Dr. Dawn Leach at

Compensation: Compensation varies per project.

Company – Dissertation Editor


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