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Sales, Calls



Retainer + Commission ($30-60K per annum)


CEO Connection is expanding its ability to recruit sponsors. Specifically, we are looking for a top of the line B2B tele-sales expert to sell sponsorships of CEO Connection. Essentially this is an independent, flexible, commission-based selling role, perfect for an independent consultant or a stay-at-home mom or dad who wants to work 4-6 hours a day.

About CEO Connection

CEO Connection is the only membership organization in the world focused exclusively on mid-market CEOs (CEOs who run companies with between $100 million and three billion in sales) Our mission is to help mid-market CEOs succeed. We accomplish this by enabling CEOs to build mutually beneficial relationships with peers and functional experts; connecting CEOs to people, information and resources to which they would otherwise not have access; and promoting the interests, welfare, and points of view of our membership and the mid-market.

Members are C-level executives with responsibility for all or significant portions of their respective company. They represent a wide variety of businesses across a broad geographic spectrum. Collectively mid-market companies account for $10 trillion of the $30 trillion annual U.S. private sector gross receipts. Inspired by C-level Wharton executives, CEO Connection began in 2005 and has evolved into a dynamic community with wide ranging benefits uniquely designed to help the mid-market CEO and champion the mid-market perspective. It is all about CEOs helping CEOs. For more information visit

Send me an email if you:

– are interested in earning $30-60K per annum on a small retainer plus commission basis for 4-6 hours of work per day on an independent, flexible basis

-are really good at tele-sales

– want a long term flexible project

Do not send me an email if you are:

– looking for a temporary gig to tide you over until you find a real job (We’re not excited about having a lot of turn-over.)

– need a steady salary or benefits or the like (Your earnings will be lumpy and totally dependent upon your results.)

-have little or no tele-sales experience.

Send something interesting (about yourself) to

Small retainer plus commission for independent contractor.

How to Apply

Send something interesting (about yourself) to