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The way our process works is we ask you to fill out our online application form (at the bottom of this page). Be sure to include references if you have them and please pay attention to details when filling this form out as this is your first impression for us. If we are interested in pursuing it further, we will contact you with instructions on taking a short transcription test. Once you complete that we will either add you to our list of subcontractors for transcription jobs or let you know that we are not interested at this time. When you are added to our list of subcontractors you will be able to log into our system at your convenience and see what transcription jobs are available that suit your schedule.

Currently we are looking for a Spanish to English transcriptionist. These are usually for recorded interviews.

We are also always looking for a few general transcriptionists and legal transcriptionists to help with overflow on an as-needed basis. Most work entails two-person interviews, but we sometimes have a variety of assignments. Transcriptionists must possess a good command of the English language, be detail oriented, and have experience in transcription work.

Following are some of our preferences. Please follow these preferences when completing the test:

  • Use [inaudible] if you cannot hear what is being said. Use [unintelligible] if you can hear what is being said but you just cannot make it out. Please put a time code directly after the inaudible or unintelligible so that we can go and see if we can make it out.
  • If unsure of a spelling of a name please spell it phonetically and then type [phonetic] directly after it the first time it appears in the transcript.
  • If no sample is given for formatting please use 1” margins all around and a Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • Please use the words all right rather than alright.
  • Please use the spelling yeah rather than yea.
  • Please use the spelling okay and not ok.
  • Please type out going to and because instead of using gonna and ‘cause.
  • Please use e-mail instead of email.
  • For numbers one through nine, please spell them out. For numbers 10 and above, please use the numerals.
  • When the day follows the month, express it in cardinal figures (1, 2, 3, etc.), e.g., on March 6 (not March 6th or sixth).
  • Please use hm-hmm for the affirmative and uh-uh for negative. Please type the words [affirmative] and [negative] after.
  • Please capitalize Bay Area when it occurs.
  • Please note the correct spelling is workers’ compensation not worker’s compensation.

Company – Pioneer Support Services, Inc

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