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We are looking for talented and experienced sales professionals to engage with digital visitors on behalf of a global leader in Computer Security. This role requires a high degree of sales aptitude, communication, and technical skills.

As a new hire you must complete the initial training program where you’ll receive the tools you need to be successful, including:

Strategic, consultative sales techniques

Product knowledge regarding the computer solutions you’ll be recommending

And practice with the technical applications you’ll be using on a daily basis

MarketLinc is a virtual company, which means as long as you have a dedicated home office space, up-to-date Windows-
based computer (MAC computers are currently not supported), and a reliable hard-wired and high-speed internet connection you could be our next Sales team member working from your own home office.


* Prospective customers will come to you via a ‘chat icon’ we have placed strategically on our partner’s website.

* They want to purchase online security and they ‘click to chat’ so they can interact with a knowledgeable agent for sales support.

* Next, you invite the customer to the phone so that you can further engage them using a consultative sales approach to understand your customer’s computer usage prior to recommending the level of security they require.

* Finally, you perform all data entry required to process the customer’s order.


* Operates efficiently and effectively within a home office environment

* Commitment to quality, accuracy, and consistency in your sales approach

* Must be positive with the ability to stay poised under pressure

* Naturally treats others with respect, courtesy, and professionalism

* Experience in positioning up-sell and cross-sell recommendations to customers

* Motivated by the pay-for-performance compensation model, which ensures you receive additional incentive for your sales

* Has a technical mindset and interest in software trends and capability

* Enjoys continuous learning; open to feedback and adapting your sales approach

* Thrives in a dynamic environment that is supported with ongoing training and skills development


Do you have evening and weekend availability that fits with our current part-time hiring requirements?

We require that every part-time Sales Agent work a minimum of 4 shifts per week.

This would involve a Saturday AND Sunday commitment on one of the following shifts:

9:00 am to 5:30 pm EST
5:30 pm to 12:00 am EST
Plus at least 2 evening shifts during the week (Monday through Friday):

6:00 pm to 12:00 am EST

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