Job Category: Education & Training, K-12

Location: MI or Work from anywhere (Global)


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TinyEYE is currently exploring an exciting new niche market – online social services! It can be difficult for children in remote or underserved areas to receive the services that they need. Online therapy provides an opportunity to reach out to these children and make a real difference in their lives.

We are looking for a motivated, high-achieving social worker with Michigan Licensure to join our Dream Team as ambassadors for this project. You could be a part of building this program, and shaping it into what we know it truly can be, all while breaking new ground and delivering online social services to schools. Best of all, because our therapy is online, you would be able to work from anywhere you choose. TinyEYE already offers online speech therapy and occupational therapy, and many of our therapists work within school or clinic settings already, offering therapy through TinyEYE to supplement their caseload or give themselves some extra flexibility.

As a TinyEYE Therapist, you would:
* Enjoy the luxury of working from your own home or office, while connecting through our online platform to your students.
* Never worry about being overloaded again – We work with your availability and provide caseloads that match.
* Become part of a flourishing community of therapists, available to you for mentorship, correspondence and continued learning.
* Spend more time on therapy, and less time on ‘extras’ such as traveling, preparation and reporting.
* Change children’s lives – At TinyEYE, we are dedicated to growing smiles, mending spirits and engaging children in their lives.

Our therapists are all given the opportunity to work as many or as few hours per week as they like.

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