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Senior Creative Front-End Developer

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Handsome seeks a talented creative front-end developer to join our Technology team in helping our clients succeed through creating the most engaging and beautiful interactive Front-End experiences.

Handsome is a fast-growing experience design and end-to-end innovation agency based in Austin, TX. We’re a hardworking group of designers, technologists, researchers and strategists and we take our work seriously. We’re passionate and rigorous about the combination of high-quality interactivity and the beauty of digital experiences we produce, informed and driven by human-centered design process and this is the main driver for the success of our work and our agency.

We work on design and innovation projects ranging from brand strategy to full-scale digital transformation and implementation. Our work is driven by human-centered research and strategy, and we complement that approach with strong brand, visual, and product design capabilities alongside a highly capable web and mobile Technology implementation team. We get to build great things for clients like FedEx, Facebook, Visa, Home Depot, as well as emerging middle-market disruptors.

About The Role

A Creative Front-End Developer at Handsome is expected to be bringing the extensive knowledge of creating complex interactive Web experiences, contributing to the creative process of our Design and Technology teams, helping find the best balance between award-winning quality and reasonable complexity of implementation.

In this role, the Developer is expected to be taking ownership of work and know what questions to ask and how to find answers to questions that don’t (yet) have answers, helping the team turn the ideas into a fully-executed, production-launched amazing digital experiences. Senior Creative Front-End Developer is also expected to be representing Handsome’s quality of craft internally (across our practice area teams) and externally (with our clients), and always striving to take it to the next level.

We accept candidates from any location.

About You

  • You can show off your past work, and it’s clearly worthy to be on FWA, Awwwards, and CSSDesignAwards (or, better yet, it’s already there!).
  • You’re an expert in creating markup and styling in HTML5, CSS3 (SCSS/LESS). Your semantic code, OpenGraph tagging, accessibility considerations, and SEO best practices are instinctual.
  • You’re well-versed in tools and approaches to creating highly-interactive sites. Canvas and WebGL are something you’re well familiar with.
  • You can comfortably set up build automation infrastructure and explain how exactly your module bundlers and task runners operate.
  • You’ve worked with Static Website Generators (Next.js / Gatsby) and modern deployment automation systems (such as Netlify).
  • You know how to integrate your Front End into a CMS system (such as WordPress, Drupal or a headless solution like Contentful).
  • You come from an agency or agency-like environment where you got a chance to realize many amazing Web experiences. You know what it’s like to work in a close pair with a creative designer.
  • You can’t imagine working in a team without common code style guidelines, well-defined toolset (IDE, Linter, etc) and well-adopted libraries.
  • You hold well-articulated opinions when it comes to development languages and frameworks, dev tooling and libraries, approach to testing, deployment, code style, and code quality; yet you can arrive at a common ground with someone who holds opinions that might be conflicting with yours.
  • You believe that the best code is no code at all. Understanding the problem and finding the right solution to the problem comes first. Code comes second.
  • You tend to always turn insights into knowledge, helping the team benefit from learnings of each individual on the team. You know ways of helping others grow in their craft and culture of creating digital products.
  • Bonus points for having been a freelancer, providing Creative Front-End Development services to clients individually.


Send us links to your best, FWA-Awwwards-CSSDesignAwards-worthy works at with anything else you wish us to see and consider.

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