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Sales, Sales Representative, Business Development

Pay: TBD


Innovative global business training, coaching and consulting Company with 10+ years of experience nationally is paying well for TOP TALENT!

Average performers earn $54K and top talent/performers earn $120K+ *

If you have a desire to transform lives and help entrepreneurs eliminate the suffering of being burnout, overworked, and stressed, then this just might be for you.

An average sales performer could earn $54k a year.

A good rep can be up in the 6-figure range and more.

However, this is just the beginning.

We are willing to pay you for your contribution and performance and it wouldn’t shock us if you could be in the $200K range in less than 2 years.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been with your background. What matters are your CAPABILITIES to PERFORM and make SALES.

Whether you’re young and hungry, or a seasoned vet that can perform, we’ve got something for you.

HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: Do not respond unless you are an overachiever and are a top producer.

Do you get pride and value in helping founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs eliminate suffering and get out of the day to day of the business to free them up, have more time with family and more?

If so, there may be a home for you here because our goal is to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and founders get out of the day to day of their business with our proven Work The System (WTS) Framework to solve these problems.

BE WARNED THOUGH: The type of CEOs and Founders we work with will smell a fake a mile away and you must love learning about our clients, their issues, and struggles, while also qualifying them and then connecting them to one of our amazing solutions. You must be able to learn quickly, think on your feet, and then be courageous in spirit.

Our clients get value from interacting with us whether they do business with us or not. A core fundamental principle is that our clients leave us being better than they were before they met us. You’ll learn about that approach once you apply.

We are living at one of the greatest times in human history, however so many founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs are suffering from burnout due to an outdated traditional business model and outdated processes and systems. For many of our clients, they are wearing 10 hats and have 10 jobs.

We’re on a mission to help over 100,000 founders and CEOs in the next 5 years.

When clients easily boast and share how we helped them solve their biggest problems and get out of the day to day, with our proven processes, we are incredibly proud.

We have hundreds of success stories.

We know that most people are not aware of all the new innovations in business that can help them.

We change lives every single day.

Beyond our culture that is built on a family first environment, combined with a focus on excellence and fulfillment, the other reason to read and apply is the opportunity available for you right now.

If you make the cut, you can expect to be in a rewarding career and in the top 5% of income earners in the country.

Granted, I don’t want to make it sound easy, because it won’t be. It will be easier for you after 3 months, then your first week. You’ll have more confidence and clarity – along with higher performance after 7 months than your first quarter. And after 2 years, the sky’s the limit.

When you start out, you’ll be handling inbound inquiries from clients looking for a solution to their problem. You’ll also be calling on our large database of past client inquiries. Excel with these two areas, and we’ll get you connected to potential clients responding to our marketing campaigns and coming to us in real time – looking to solve their business problems.

These potential clients will be warmed up and are pre-qualified, pre-motivated, pre-interested in finding a solution to their problems – and we have more than we can keep up with.

So, if you’re looking to go beyond a stepping stone, and looking for a long-term home, career and growth path that leads to: leading, presenting, training, mentoring, consulting, management, and possible executive level roles, then this is your ticket.

PLUS – you’ll get access to the BEST training in the world!

You’ll learn more about business, sales, revenue generating models, business growth, and more. This type of training isn’t available in this industry anywhere else in the world the way we do it.

So, whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, you can be guaranteed an amazing growth and learning platform.

This is a remote position working with business owners across the globe. You must be able to manage different time zones.

If you’re not a self-starter, self-motivated, hungry, overachiever, or top performer, please do not contact us.

NOTE: This is not an MLM, business opportunity, or direct sales opportunity.

This is a great sales position that generates real income.

You should be making money in the next 2-3 weeks (depending on when you start).

True confession: we have more inquiries from potential clients than we can get to. I’m even making sales calls.

The pain I’m in doing the call myself is driving me crazy, and I have a strong desire to find immediate help.

Mind you, I’m not desperate. I can smell a fake a mile away and I have a knack for identifying talent.

We need top talent that is hungry to pick up the phone, follow up with our potential clients, pick up the phone to follow up with past potential clients, go after new business independently, and more so you and we can make a bigger impact – and also make more money!

We are open to have you work semi-full time – or part-time. We’re currently looking for a minimum of 5-hours per day, 4 days per week and then grow to full time. However, you MUST be a top performer during the time we work together because we are spending nearly 6-figures per quarter to attract new clients.

That means, these potential clients are important to us and we cannot waste time or energy on someone who doesn’t perform.

Company – Work The System Enterprises

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