Job Category: Online Marketing & Sales

Location: Work from Anywhere (Global)




Outbound Creative is hiring two new sales reps with experience in software development and/or design.

The two positions we are hiring for:

We need an SDR with experience in software development and/or UI/UX Design
We need an SDR with experience in digital marketing
About Outbound Creative:

We help digital marketing agencies and software development consultancies win their dream clients.

We do that by running dream client campaigns for them.

Basically, when a client signs on with us, we build a list of 30 key accounts that they want to win.

Then we design a strategy and program for breaking them into those key accounts, and then we execute on that strategy.

Your role:

Your role is going to be to execute on the strategies that we create for our clients and act as a Sales Development Rep (SDR) on their behalf.
You will not be selling Outbound Creative’s services, but instead you will be selling our clients services.
Your pure focus is to get meetings and get our clients in the door. You don’t need to worry about the close
Your outreach will be a mixture of cold calling, email prospecting, social media and physical mail
You will not be mass spamming hundreds of people with cold calls and emails. Instead you will have a targeted list of 30 key accounts and research reports put together on each account. It is your responsibility to break in and get a meeting with each account.
You will be handling 2-3 software development accounts at any given time
You will be compensated on a cash base and a sales commission when you bring in deals that close
You can make a lot of money here, but be prepared to work for it. Our model is structured so that we receive a commission of the sales we bring our clients, so if you want to earn more, you need to bring our clients new business.

This is a job that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere.
A beach in Thailand, the streets of Europe, or at home with your kids.
The perks are great and lifestyle is an important part of our culture.

 Company Values

Our Why:  FREEDOM – The actions we take create more freedom, not less for our team members, clients & owners.

Life > Work
Under Promise & Over Deliver
Lifelong Learning
Positive Thinking
Mutually beneficial transactions

 Are you an overachiever?

Don’t even call unless you’re an overachiever and can prove it.
It’s going to be tough competition to get the job.
If you want the job enough, prove it.
The decision will be made primarily by the owner of the company.
If you want the job, then consider this your first assignment.
Sell us, break through, stand out and prove to us you have what it takes.

Come join us in building an empire without pants…

You will work from home. Pant’s, suit and tie not required. Underwear are optional.
This is a company that respects a balanced lifestyle.
This is a company that is focused, hard working and delivers results.

Work from anywhere


If you’re average, you will make $30k with us. If you’re a badass you can earn $200k+.

To give you an idea, most of our clients sign on with us at a 10%-15% commission rate. On average, an annual customer value for one of our clients is $100k-$500k.

We pay our SDR’s up to 50% of the commissions they bring in. So if you brought one of our clients a $150k deal at a 15% commission, that would be a $22,500 commission for Outbound Creative and you would walk away with $11,250 bonus.

And you don’t even have to close the deal, you just have to get our client in the door 🙂

This will be a 1099 Contract Position


We don’t hire resumes or backgrounds. We hire top producers who can perform.
If you send us a resume, you won’t get the job. (Seriously, don’t do it)
DO NOT message us personally on Facebook. That is creepy. Don’t do it or you will be immediately disqualified.

How to Apply

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