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Online Research, Market Research, Google Search, Consulting, Editing, Internet & Ecommerce, Research, Writing


$16 per Project.

At Wonder you work on your own schedule. To give you the most flexibility, we pay per research task you complete. The price of each research task depends on the difficulty of the question, but you’ll always know how much each question is worth in advance and you have full discretion over which questions you work on. Active researches can earn $2,000 or more per month. Or work casually in your spare time — once a week or throughout the day.

Online Research - Ask Wonder

Wonder ( is looking to contract with individuals with exceptional online research skills to join our community of independent paid researchers. Wonder is a personal research service for entrepreneurs and business professionals — our clients post questions about various topics in economics, business, technology, product recommendations and more. Your job is to efficiently track down the highest quality resources across the Web and explain the results in a personable, human way.

As an independent contractor, you can work whenever you want, as often as you want, and from wherever you want.  You also have complete choice over which questions to answer — pick the ones that are interesting to you.

Here are some example questions our clients ask:

  • Who is currently deeply pursuing the consumer internet of things and who is primed to lead Industrial Revolution 4.0?
  • What impact will self-driving car technology have on global economies?
  • How fragmented (or consolidated) are companies in the used OEM auto parts industry?
  • What did the French colonial troops do when they were sent to China during the Boxer Rebellion – were they engaged in combat? Did they serve as a peacekeeping force?

Questions get posted to a central dashboard, from which you can choose to claim whichever seem most interesting to you. For each search you claim, you’ll be tasked with finding 5+ links to high-quality sources, and writing a rich summary directly answering the user’s query while adding any insights you gleaned along the way.


  • Work from anywhere
  • Research in your free time and as often as you’d like
  • Build up a certified portfolio of high-level research and analysis you can share anywhere
  • Learn about new industries, fields, and research methods
  • Provide services as an independent contractor and have complete control over your work and your life
  • Work with a global community of independent researchers


The best researchers will have a wide breadth of knowledge and specific expertise in several subjects, with an equal penchant for diving into uncharted territory and swiftly becoming an authority. Because many of our users depend on hard data to make decisions, quantitative proficiency is preferred. You not only know how to extract and validate hard stats, but can calculate some of your own on the fly if need be. Previous experience working in a research-intensive role is a definite plus. Most of all, researchers are problem solvers with a sense of imagination that helps them dig deep and find meaningful intelligence. Some characteristics we’re looking for:

  • A discerning eye for quality content
  • Strong general knowledge paired with several areas of expertise
  • Command of the English language and strong/grammatical writing a must
  • Ability to create lean, high-level, often quantitative summaries directly answering users’ questions
  • Critical analysis, logical reasoning skills
  • Keen attention to details
  • Understanding of basic economics (knowledge of markets a huge plus)
  • Bonus: those with a narrow, deep understanding of a STEM field/prior study in a technical subject are also encouraged to apply

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