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Research Assistant

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Assistantship appointments may vary in length and are contingent upon the availability of funding. Terms on duties and responsibilities will be provided on the graduate assistantship contract.

  • Students must be registered for graduate credit each semester (fall and spring) they receive an assistantship and must be in good academic standing and maintaining satisfactory progress toward their degree. In addition, international students must maintain the appropriate residency status.
  • Teaching assistants whose native language is not English must demonstrate English proficiency (refer to section titled “English Language Proficiency Procedures for Graduate Teaching Assistants”).
  • Students offered a graduate teaching or graduate service assistantship must consent to a criminal background check. This includes graduate researchers teaching in a lab.
  • Students placed on Academic Warning may retain their assistantship. Students placed on Probation may no longer receive an assistantship.
  • Required annual training must be completed within 30 days of start date and yearly thereafter.

Must be a NDSU student to be considered for employment

General Information: The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) Office of Health Equity is contracting with the NDSU Department of Public Health (DPH) for two year-round graduate assistants, January through June, 2021. One position is for 10 hours/week, with a stipend of $5,265 and a base tuition waiver. The second position is for for 20 hours/week, with a stipend of $10,530 and a base tuition waiver. The positions are grant-funded; pending further funding, which is fully expected, the position will continue past June.

Dr. Alicia Belay with the NDDoH Health Equity Office will be the supervisor for the Graduate Assistants and provide direction on activities. Angela Skaff and Dr. Ramona Danielson with NDSU DPH with provide administrative support. Dr. Danielson will also be part of monthly Health Equity Office meetings. The positions will be telecommuting/work from home. Hours are flexible, although a regular schedule with advance notice of changes will be expected.Responsibilities: The Graduate Assistants will work in collaboration with the
NDDoH’s Office of Health Equity. The duties will be tailored to each position (10
hours/week and 20 hours/week) and will focus on the following:

  • Communication strategies.

o Presentations. Assist with presentations for stakeholders that highlight the
importance of health equity and to educate local clubs, organizations, and
businesses on health equity, as needed.

  • Stakeholder engagement.

o Convene meetings. Meet with stakeholders and convene groups to identify ways to
bridge gaps in communication and services between local entities and community
members (e.g., convene community members to discuss needs, then meet with local
public health or school board members to develop solutions).
o Participate regularly and provide input and administrative support for
NDDoH-convened meetings with stakeholders including public officials, nonprofit
organizations, formal and informal community leaders, schools, social service
providers, and healthcare facilities.
o Support Youth Advisory Board and LGBTQ+ Advisory Board.

  • Strategy implementation.

o Bridge gaps. Work closely with the NDDoH’s Office of Health Equity team to
implement methods to bridge gaps between the NDDoH, local entities and the target
o Grants. Assist in developing grant opportunities.

  • Community Assessment Implementation.

o Data collection. Conduct community assessment activities related to HIV, STDs
and Viral Hepatitis including focus groups, interviews and surveys in special
populations in North Dakota.

  • Other activities.

o Distribute incentives for participants in NDDoH activities, such as community
assessment process.

Company – North Dakota University System


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