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Chatbooks is hiring!  Come join the ranks of our Support Troops!

If you haven’t heard of Chatbooks yet, prepare to fall in love! We are a fast growing company that produces super easy, super affordable, high quality photo books people can create automatically just by connecting with Instagram, Facebook or even their Camera Roll in a few short minutes.

We are looking for personable, highly motivated people who we can trust to handle communication with our incredibly devoted customers!

Why do we have such loyal customers you ask?  It’s because of our amazing support troops, so you will have some big shoes to fill.

Our support troops work on the front lines of our customer service team and are responsible for helping customers troubleshoot and solve any problems they might be experiencing.

We absolutely adore our customers, and we want them all 100% happy, so we need someone who is articulate and tech savvy, who can troubleshoot and communicate effectively to anyone.  This of course also requires patience, as you will be dealing with a variety of customers.  On any given day you will encounter anything from the kid down the street who is really into computers and possibly a hacker, to someone like my grandma who wants to dip her elderly toes into the rapidly expanding pool of technology, but can’t get started without some hand-holding.

Chatbooks is growing extremely quickly, so working efficiently and being a lightning-fast typist is a must; although we will also accept race-car fast, or even just mass-transit fast – if you can do it with a smile.

If you have past experience in customer service that is definitely a plus, but being a highly computer literate,  empathic, extremely talented wordsmith may be just as good.

You will need to be fluent in iPhone”ese” and/or Android”ese”, and be able to pass at least a basic 8th grade math test.  Advanced math geeks are welcome at Chatbooks also, as we are an equal opportunity employer.

This is an off-site position, so if just hearing the word telecommute doesn’t make you giddy, this job might not be for you.  We need someone who is a disciplined self-starter who is extraordinarily trustworthy, who can also take direction. Working anywhere from 15-25 hours each week. 


You will be required to have an iphone or android device that is no more than 2 years old; (This may be a great reason to finally get that upgrade you been wishing for).  You will also need a reliable computer that doesn’t need regular visits from the geek squad, and a fast internet connection. So, if you are still pondering the benefits of dial-up versus broadband… might not be quite what we are looking for. As a side note, the words gif, app, screenshot, hyperlink, etc., should all be familiar enough to you that you could smoothly utilize them in everyday conversations, or possibly use them to win a rousing game of Catchphrase.

We expect every one of our Support Troops to be a loyal Chatbooks Lover so if you don’t yet own some Chatbooks, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. We have a fantastic online and over-the-phone training program but it does not cover the basics of the Chatbooks App. We expect you to be familiar with our App already if you are a Chatbooks Lover.

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