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Upworthy’s mission is to draw massive amounts of attention to the most important stories in the world — to change what hundreds of millions or billions of people are paying attention to every year.

And we’re off to a great start: In the last four-plus years, we’ve designed an industry-leading story testing system, built a vast data warehouse, and amassed a trove of insights from thousands of experiments. We spend our days at the intersection of data and storytelling, developing tools and techniques to find, develop, craft, optimize, and even assess the impact of our stories in novel, powerful ways. But to make the kind of difference we want to make in the world, we need to go even further. That’s where you come in.

We want to connect our large audience of young thought leaders to companies that have an important message to share in a way that serves our audience, delivers for our clients, and helps scale Upworthy’s revenue. We’re looking for a high-energy, goal-oriented, charismatic account manager to take that on.

Is This Job For You?

Do you love figuring out solutions that work for everyone? Do you like to win — not just in a game, but because you’re working on something important and it really matters? Do you wake up every morning full of energy, ready to go out and crush it?

If you answered yes, this might be a good fit for you. We’re looking for someone who’s creative, persuasive, data-informed, ambitious, tenacious, and multi-talented. You should be a great communicator, a high achiever, and a principled representative of the company.


1. Manage high-profile, complex client relationships with companies, agencies, causes, and nonprofits to maximize client satisfaction, deliver great results, keep things simple on our end, and…

2. Get clients to renew and expand their engagements with us. Renewal and upsell rates will be a very important metric for this position.

3. Anticipate challenges and friction points and address them before anyone else even knows they’re there. Set expectations so we can routinely beat them. Hold new clients’ hands through the testing phase and into launch/rollout.

4. Represent Upworthy to our client base. Be a public face of Upworthy and make people generally feel like we’re awesome and love working with us.

5. Work with the Business team to develop compelling and clear written reports, proposals, and updates.

6. Work with internal teams to craft stellar creative strategies and provide data-informed insights.

7. Be a problem solver — someone who stays calm amid challenging situations and can diffuse difficult situations.

Skills & Experience

* 3-5 years account management experience at a publisher. You’ve juggled internal and external constituencies before and know how to drive a messy process to a great outcome.

* Calm, ingenious problem solver. In the midst of a Class A crap-storm, you’re the person who remains calm, collected, and knows exactly what to do next. You’re great at MacGyver-type solutions — improvising based on what’s readily available to save the day.

* Strong upseller with great judgment. You know how to get people from a small initial commitment to a bigger long-standing relationship.

* Great with people. You understand what motivates them and can put yourself in their shoes. And people like you, too.

* Great oral and written communication skills; highly responsive, especially in terms of clarity and tone. You should be very clear and come across exactly the way you intend to. And you’re very responsive — you’re happy being in touch with 30 different people at the same time.

* Able to thrive in a dynamic, mission-driven, distributed-office environment. This includes, but is not limited to: Entrepreneurial instincts and a hands-on attitude. Eye for the big picture but enjoyment of day-to-day operations. Creative approach to problem solving. Enjoy working with people in a distributed, virtual work environment where we’re not all in the same place (read: lots of email, video conferences, and phone meetings).

Compensation & Perks

* Competitive compensation. We’re mission-driven, but we’re a for-profit company. We can offer a mix of a strong base salary, bonuses, and equity.

* Work from anywhere. Upworthy has no central office — we collaborate entirely online. You can work from home or a co-working office, and you can live anywhere in a U.S. time zone.

* Take vacation when you need it. And when you’re off, we want you to really be off, so you can recharge and come back fresh.

* Get equity. We offer all team members an ownership stake in the company.
Stay healthy. All employees have free comprehensive medical benefits. We offer generous parental leave.

How to Apply

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