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GENERAL SUMMARY: Operate a computer-aided realtime captioning stenotype or dependent voice recognition system to create English closed captions for live and/or prerecorded broadcast programs (example: sports, news, financial, weather) and events (meetings, lectures, conferences).

GENERAL CRITERIA: Must possess a high degree of proficiency in machine shorthand skills, excellent English grammar, comprehension, and spelling skills. Ability to listen and concentrate for extended periods of time. Must be able to perform under pressure with changing priorities. Ability to work flexible hours is required. We look for previous Realtime writing experience (1-2 years), and require that you have your own equipment and software.

SPECIFIC DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities of this position include but are not limited to:

* Connect to remote encoders, listen to an audio line, and create accurate live captions.

* Prepare for events by researching and adding relevant words to one’s dictionary.

* Maintain personal equipment and software.

* Assess accuracy and completeness, and practice to improve accuracy and completeness.

* Keep track of time spent on each program.

* Report on issues within each program.

* Work directly with technical in-house and client staff.

* Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: General knowledge of television production, broadcast deadline experience, analytical skills, ability to deal with details and work well under pressure with changing priorities. Ability to plan, coordinate and have good oral and written communication skills. Ability to handle multiple tasks while focusing on a high amount of attention to detail.

Education Required: A.A. or B.S. in Court and Conference Reporting or satisfactory completion of other 2-year equivalent program. NCRA certification Certified Broadcast Captioner or equivalent.

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