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Real Assistant, BPO, Call Center




The Closing Management Team is responsible for managing listings, as well as closings. We work hand in hand with the Realtor from the first listing, to the point a contract is ratified, and the closing is funded by the settlement company. This is accomplished through our Closing Assistants, Listings Assistants, Listing Ishidos, and Closing Ishidos. These Ishidos manage all of the work for the realtor assigned to them. We are always hiring Closing Assistants. Anyone that has Real Estate experience, more specifically in Closings, we want you to apply!

Required Skills

* ability to speak to realtors, their clients, settlement companies, lenders and inspectors

* be able to commit to a minimum of 5 hours per week during business hours of phone time

* be available a minimum of 15 hours per week Monday – Friday, during business hours.

* be phone approved by Team Management

* have good verbal and written communication

* detail oriented, organized, responsible and accountable

* be committed to the team and Lifebushido

* be experienced in Real Estate and have participated in at least 10 closings

* you can not have a full-time job while doing closing work

Closing Specific Questions

* Do you have Real Estate experience – if so how much and how long?

* Are you currently licensed?

* Do you have closing experience (ie Contract to Close)? If so how much and how long?

* How many closings have you handled? What parts of the closing did you handle?

* Are you familiar with Top Producer? If so what is your knowledge (briefly explain)

* Are you familiar with MLS systems (in general)? If so what is your knowledge?

* Are you familiar with any other CRM’s and Transaction databases?

* Are you comfortable on the phone?

* Do you have long distance?

* Are you able to have phone calls during regular business hours?

* Provide references to anyone you have worked with in Real Estate

Real Estate Experience

* Realtor: If you’ve been a Realtor, when and which state were you licensed, or currently licensed. How many years have you sold real estate? How many total deals did you close in your career so far as an agent?

* Real Estate Assistant Residential: What has been your experience and number of years? Software used? Can you provide a reference to a former agent who employed you and if so, please state agent name and contact information?

* Real Estate Industry Other: What other experience do you have in the real estate industry?

* Real Estate Home Ownership: How many times have you purchased a home? How many homes have you sold?

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