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Editing, Admin, Operations, Project Management




Entry level position in which the incumbent provides support for the development, performance, and conduct of all home appraisals submitted by field staff in a manner that is consistent with company policies, procedures, and standards.


* Responsible for reviewing and editing home appraisals submitted by field staff while ensuring exemplary quality, adequate attention being paid to details, and being able to follow specific client instructions.

* Give constructive feedback to the inspector and administer appropriate grades.

* Follow the appropriate Operating Procedure.

* Meet Quality goals.

* Meet Office Time Service goals.

* Properly send reports to Clients or to Printing.

* Properly place reports on Hold/Pause and follow-up based on that Policy.


* Have the ability to evaluate information contained in appraisals and determine if the information satisfies procedures, policies, and requirements.

* Must be able to communicate effectively to customers and inspectors, while delivering information in a clear and concise manner.

* Have the ability to manage multiple projects at once and handle time sensitive urgencies.

* Must have advanced knowledge in use of computer equipment, software, and general office equipment.

* Must have excellent written and organizational skills.

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