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Job Category:

Proofreading, Editing

Pay: TBD



  • Perform proofreading tasks with a high degree of accuracy, an eye for consistency, and attention to detail, checking for proper punctuation, syntax, grammar, voice, spelling, usage, and style according to client guidelines and mandatories, correcting factual, grammatical, typographical, or compositional errors
  • Ensure adherence to agency and client standards
  • Develop an extensive knowledge of client specific guidelines and preferences, effectively becoming a resource as the keeper of the client’s brand
  • Copyedit as needed
  • Maintain in-house editorial folder, ensuring latest style guides and fair balance are accessible to agency at large
  • Fact-check and verify information pertaining to individuals’ quotes, statistical data, charts, graphs, Web and email addresses, registered trademarks, and company/product/service names and images
  • Effectively prioritize work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment


  • 5+ years prior experience with health care and pharmaceutical industries preferred
  • Expert in AMA style (AMA 10th Edition)
  • Proven ability to handle complex, fast-tracked, multifaceted campaigns efficiently and flawlessly
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly, accurately, and professionally, both verbally and in writing, and be comfortable collaborating with creative, production, and account teams

Company – Hill Holliday

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