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We are growing fast and are constantly looking for smart and articulate persons for the role of project manager. Work when you want from wherever you want with a competitive salary and great learning opportunities.

Konsus provides on-demand business support. Companies around the world send us office tasks and we instantly assign them to pre-vetted freelancers based on skill and availability. This allows companies to free up time and save money, while getting more done.

We launched in August of 2015, and have been growing 10 % weekly ever since. We already have 500+ customers with some very large international clients. We work with interesting and exciting tasks in a modern way, and our mission is to create the future shape of how to do business around a new and connected globe.

You will be the link between Konsus and our clients. You will be in charge of communicating with the client and leading small teams of freelancers, overseeing projects from order to completion, while conducting quality control and deadline management.

We are a fast-paced operation, constantly developing new ways to speed up and automate our operation. Our model allows you to work from around the world at the times that fit you best. All you need is a computer and internet, and you are good to go. Most our communication is on Slack and other application based platforms. Having good computers skills and being comfortable with technology and information retrieval is therefore a must. But do not worry, our team will be there to help you at all times during on-boarding and in everyday work.

If you prove yourself as a quality Project Manager there will always be an opportunity for growth and advancement within the company.


a. Smart – our projects are varied, so we need you to quickly understand and learn new things.

b. Excellent communication skills – we need you to relay information between customers and freelancers in a clear and concise way

c. Business experience – having worked in some corporate arena will make it easier for you to understands our customers

d. An eye for beauty – You will need to possess a good eye for both quality and aesthetics to ensure everything we send back is impressive. You are the first and last line of quality control before completed projects are delivered to our clients.

e. Organized, flexible, available – Many things can and will happen. You will need to be on top of things and flexible if the situation requires it, while ensuring the final product never suffers.


a. Flexible work hours and location: You work as much as you want, from where you want, when you want.

b. Competitive salary. You get paid for the hours you work.

c. Being part of a exciting and innovative new business with other smart and interesting people.


a. Part-time

b. Hourly payment

We are hiring when in need for more people.

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