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Job Category:

Digital Marketing, Project Management, Copywriting

Pay: TBD


If you love wrangling extremely detailed project management systems, keeping on top of multiple client projects at the same time, emailing and calling clients, digital marketing and video production, if you have an interest in finance, and you want to be a part of a small, international company with a big future, then this might be the perfect fit for you.

You will be working from home (anywhere in the US) with a small entrepreneurial San Diego-based company making a difference in the lives of financial advisors by helping them leverage digital marketing tools to grow their businesses. You must have a passion for and be proficient in project management. You must be highly organized, detail oriented, and most importantly, extremely conscientious about follow through. You’ll be managing our projects with Asana, a project management software, and Infusionsoft, a CRM automation tool, as well as using Dropbox and Google Drive. You must be comfortable with a dynamic and changing work environment since we are in growth mode. You must be a responsible self-starter who can keep your projects on track all by yourself, since your work schedule is very flexible. Lastly, you must be comfortable with using online software programs to manage our digital and video marketing systems.

For the most part, this is not a creative position. This is for a detailed administrative type personality who loves to run other people’s systems and does not mind working through repetitive detailed tasks to do it. If details make your head hurt, do not apply for this job.

About You

You love tasks! You enjoy working with marketing projects revolving around digital marketing and video. You also love running other people’s systems. You’re not the one who invents the process, you’re the one who implements the process others invented.

You have astounding attention to detail and never get tired on working on detailed tasks to move projects and teams forward.
It is a big plus if you have experience in financial services, since our clients are all in the financial services industries.

You do NOT thrive on being micromanaged and love to be given the freedom to excel in your job. Being your own boss and helping a small, growing organization is a dream come true for you. You are open, direct, and straightforward. You love being given a responsibility and then running with it, making sure all t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted, and keeping close watch on all your projects to make sure they’re completed with excellence and on time. You own your job as if it was your own company.

About This Role

The Project Manager owns and executes our Lead Generation Systems for our clients, as well as managing our Turnkey Video System for these clients when necessary. Our Lead Generation Systems consist of two programs: our LinkedIn Personal Touch System and our Facebook Ads System.

The main skills needed for this position are:

  1. Project Management skills/familiarity with software systems
  2. Customer service skills/good with client relationships
  3. Digital marketing experience/expertise
  4. Team management skills
  5. Copywriting skills for email marketing

Our company is small, nimble and dynamic, so things change quickly. You may also be asked to do other tasks or projects necessary to run this company successfully, so being a quick learner, being comfortable with new and uncertain situations, and loving the variety of consistently learning is a must.

We use Infusionsoft, Asana, Dropbox, and Google drive, so you will be working with this software regularly.

Company – FA Client Machine