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Digital Marketing, Strategy & Branding, Social Media Marketing

Pay: TBD


At Pathstream, we’re building a new type of online learning experience focused on teaching on-the-job skills and providing real outcomes for students. Our programs are built by educators, engineers, designers, and doers who care about democratizing access to best-in-class learning. Our curriculum is delivered by a team of instructors, evaluators, and coaches who provide high-quality student support and a personalized learning experience.

Pathstream students are diverse and range from recently laid off front-line workers looking to find a career, to full-time professionals that need to upskill or re-skill to stay relevant in today’s changing job market. As a Project Evaluator, you will directly support the learning and growth of these hard working individuals as they gain new skills to support themselves and their families. Successful Pathstream Project Evaluators are committed to student success, passionate about the power of learning, and understand the value of personalized feedback throughout the learning process.

This is a flexible, contract position that you can do from anywhere in the world. Project Evaluators are able to choose the time commitment that works best for them. We ask that you commit to the duration of a program so that we can ensure a consistent student experience from start to finish (see Position Details and Logistics below).


  • Assess student project submissions against a rubric to determine an overall score.
  • Provide constructive and actionable qualitative feedback that leads to deeper understanding and skill building, and uses a professional yet friendly, growth-mindset oriented tone.
  • Evaluate student projects within 72 hours of submission.
  • Assess re-submissions of student projects, when applicable.
  • Professionally and promptly respond to student questions related to their score, in coordination with the instructor for the course.


  • Expertise in subject matter area (see below):
  1. 3+ years of industry experience in the relevant subject area OR
  2. 2+ years teaching experience in the subject area or in a related subject area
  3. Familiarity with the topics, skills, and technical tools in the course(s)
  • Excellent written communication skills. You know how to clearly articulate the challenge in a student’s project, and also convey that error (and how to make it better) in a constructive, generative way.
  • Passionate about education and serving adult learners. As a Project Evaluator, your work will directly impact a student’s learning journey and pathway to a Pathstream certificate.
  • Bachelor’s degree required; Masters degree preferred.
  • Teaching and/or coaching experience preferred.


  • Type: Freelance/Contract (1099)
  • Location: Remote
  • Compensation: $35 per hour, with the opportunity to increase over time
  • Equipment Needed: Computer, Internet Access
  • Commitment: 10-30 hours per week as fits your schedule and preferences. Programs range from 12 to 15 weeks in length. We ask that you commit to a relatively consistent number of hours every week for the duration of a program.
  • Flexibility: Review projects as students submit them. Most projects take 15-40 minutes to review, and will be submitted in regular intervals throughout the duration of the program (vs. all at the end).  To ensure quick feedback to students, we require that you score a project within 2 hours of starting it.
  • Required Training: The first cohorts begin on September 8, 2020, and subsequent cohorts will be launched on a monthly basis thereafter. If you’d like to start with the September cohort, you must be available to attend mandatory, virtual training beginning in mid-August. Future training sessions for subsequent cohorts will be announced at a later date.

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