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We create clothing for women with a relentless emphasis on fit, details, and quality. Tradlands is all about our customers, the woman who knows that quality is always in style, and who knows that one great piece can make a whole outfit. The woman who cares about where her clothes come from, how they’re made, and how her choices impact her community. The woman who wants her clothes to last the seasons with her, to look and feel as good in five years as they did the day she bought them.

The amount of care shown in creating great products is always reflected in the attention to detail. There is a clear difference between a shirt bought at a fast-fashion retailer and a shirt purchased from us. That difference is hidden in every detail. From the fabric to the trims to the person who stitched it together, a garment can either be painfully poor in quality or it can exude care and thoughtful construction.

Each new product, like our business, is developed slowly and sustainably. We obsessively engineer each detail and refine our customer favorites every year. When great features come together you will immediately sense the subtle quality that stems from a balance of design, construction, and finely crafted components.

About Our Production Team

The production team is responsible for executing Tradlands’ product development and production logistics. They ensure manufacturing processes are reliable, organized, cost-effective, and efficient. Exceptional communications and organizational skills are a must. The ideal candidate for our team is a great problem-solver and doesn’t get overwhelmed by conflict, adapts in challenges, and has a confident, positive energy.

The production assistant will work most closely with our incredible product designer and production manager, as well as the CEO and rest of our team as needed.


What You’ll Be Doing

1.) Factory Communication

* Maintaining daily communication with vendors and partners

* Liaising with suppliers and factories via email, phone and in person

* Working with overseas factories and ensuring quality products are received on time

2.) Planning

* Assist with planning production schedule to meet demand, product launch deadlines, and fulfill wholesale orders

* Assist with all aspect of the pre-production process including sampling, updating processes, fittings, and QC

3.) Costing

* Developing COGs for all new products and updating seasonally

* Improve logistics and costing wherever possible

4.) POs / Order Tracking

* Create and submit POs

* Check for correct POs and invoices

* Track purchase orders and invoices

5.) Inventory Management

* Set up new products in Shopify

* Assist in other areas of operations, including inventory management, order fulfillment, and product development

6.) QC

* Determining and upkeeping quality control standards with manufacturers

* Assess and ensure quality on all production runs

7.) Standard Operating Procedures

* SOP creation and updating for all repeatable production tasks

* Tech pack development, sample requests, measuring, and adjusting

* Sourcing new facilities, fabrics, trims, etc.

Your Strengths

* Technically skilled

* Project management skills

* Comfortable with spreadsheets and numerical aspects of role

* Understanding of modern clothing manufacturing

* Solving problems and improving systems and processes

* Confident with fast-paced, ever-changing environment

* Highly organized and efficient

* Excellent problem-solving skills

* Great, clear communication

* Handles conflicts with a positive attitude

* A growth mindset. Always looking for new ways to improve our processes and company.

This Role Absolutely Requires

* Reliable internet connectivity, a laptop or desktop computer, and access to all regular communication channels

* Working in a time zone that falls during the American work day

* Exceptional written and spoken English

* A willingness to learn, take on new responsibilities, a go-getter attitude (aka GSD)

* A 60-day initial trial period with a minimum 9-month commitment to follow

* 1-2 years of experience in design or production

* Strong project management and communication skills

* Organized, detail-oriented and deadline-driven

* We believe strongly in fit, so you must have a strong emotional connection to our brand

Bonus Requirements

* Live in the LA or Southern California area

* Experience with global clothing manufacturing

* Experience working remotely

* Experience with inventory management software

* Experience in clothing, online business, or a similar role

* Spreadsheet wizardry

* Great existing relationships with vendors and contractors

* Already following our brand on social media or Off the Cuff email newsletter

* Tell us your top 5 favorite blogs, websites, or where you like to hangout online

* Share your favorite gif-spiration in your application


This opportunity is for you if …

… you want to work from anywhere – at home, from your favorite coffee shop, on the road. Freedom with your time and location comes with this position.

… you want to work for a very un-corporate company that always encourages growth. This role is full of possibility.

To Apply

* Upload your resume as a PDF

In the Cover Letter Section

* Tell us in 5 sentences or less why you’d be the best Production Assistant and why you’d love to work at Tradlands

* Tell us what you would like to be paid hourly and what your start date would be

* Link us to your Instagram and/or Twitter and/or Facebook profiles so we can get to know you better

* In the Headline field of your application please type: 112018

* Bonus requirements appreciated

This role is an independent contractor position. You will start by working 15-20 hours per week and pay is based on experience. You’ll also get free products with every seasonal release. Please note hours could increase after the trial period or if you are looking to take on and own new responsibilities with Tradlands.

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