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Here’s how it works:

You’ll get a topic for an article and a list of 5 up to 20 (sometimes more) products to review in about 50-100 words for each product. The review must be aligned with the topic. For example, the topic is “photography equipment for beginners” and one of the products is Nikon D3300. You have to explain why that particular product is good for beginners.

Now, for the payment. To make it simple, you’ll get paid $1 for each product review. So if for an article you wrote 7 product reviews, you’ll get paid $7. If there are 10 products to review, you’ll get paid $10. And so on. Payments will be made with Paypal.

To apply for this job, you have to complete an assignment:

Please find a product in Amazon for people who want to get started into wood whittling (any relevant product). Write a 50-100 word review about that product you choose, then fill out the form below.

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