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Marketing, Online Marketing

Pay: TBD


You will be responsible for paid acquisition across search, display and YouTube.You will work with our paid social marketer to craft a winning paid strategy that spans across all of our active channels. You should have years of experience building winning campaigns from idea to execution. We like trying new Beta’s and techniques and are consistently pushing the boundaries for paid strategy. You should know what SKAG’s are and have a developed opinion based on Google’s keyword matching changes. YouTube doesn’t scare you and you feel comfortable in GDN. You should be able to explain first touch vs first click and other detailed attribution windows. Landing page creation in WordPress is in your wheelhouse and split testing ads is a big part of your strategy.

A little about the Biteable culture

At Biteable we’re committed to the happiness of our staff. We love it when everyone feels supported and we doubly love it when everyone feels empowered to create.

The Biteable team is scattered around the globe from Seattle to Tasmania, and lots of places in between. Our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are the glue that binds us.

We treat each other like adults and we set our own schedules. We also recognize that families are part of our daily lives and we like that they often turn up on our video calls.

Role Details

  • Owns paid search, display and YouTube
  • Creates new campaigns and optimizes existing campaigns within Google Ads
  • Optimizes and tests landing pages for paid ad campaigns
  • Create ad copy
  • Create split tests
  • Forecast budget
  • Use tools like SuperMetrics to pull data into Google Sheets
  • Rebuilds Bing campaigns and audits past performance
  • Tracks and audits performance, sending reports weekly or as needed
  • This is a part-time, contract role.

Role Benefits

  • Flexible hours: We’re not your typical 9-5. While we still expect you to be available throughout the day, we’re family friendly and believe in work/life harmony.
  • Limited meetings: We believe in documenting our work and progress in Notion, a team note taking app. That means you’re not stuck relaying information in meetings every day of the week.
  • Transparent leadership: We have a flat organization and your direct manager is always available to chat, as is most of the rest of the team, timezones permitting.

All about us

We are Biteable, a tech start-up that makes (jaw-dropping) videos possible for everyone. We stand apart in our market thanks to our dedication to studio-quality content and our passion for simplicity.
Since our launch in 2014 we’ve:

  • Created a community of over 7 million users
  • Rendered more than 10 million videos
  • Raised $3.9 million in venture capital

We’re growing fast and have offices in Melbourne and Hobart, Australia, with remote team members scattered around the world. We are informal, structurally flat, and fun to work with.

All about our culture

We are committed to the happiness of our team. We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We like it when everyone feels supported and free to create.

Our team members genuinely care about each other and define themselves as rigorous, respectful, open, supportive, honest, and egoless. Here are a few quotes that we didn’t make up:

“I’m thankful for the flexibility Biteable gives me around my family commitments. I really like that my team is open to new ideas and processes. And I enjoy that I get to work on a variety of problems with a mix of people with diverse areas of expertise.”

“The development team is a great group of people. They’re smart and interested in doing high-quality work, but foster a social and supportive atmosphere, too.”

“Biteable’s team of smart, funny, engaged and caring people makes my work here enjoyable, every day. Being close to decisions and decision-makers helps me make an impact on our work.”

How to Apply

We want you to start soon. Apply via the link, on why you and Biteable fit together.

We’ll review your application and then set up informal interviews with a handful of candidates. We’ve got our fingers crossed that you’re one of them — we’re rooting for you.

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