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Job Category:

Bilingual, Spanish, Data Entry, Operations, Analyst

Pay: TBD


Operations Analysts extract and interpret data from Spanish-language legal databases and do research using Internet search engines. Analysts must also input data related to their queries and manipulate highly sensitive information using spreadsheets on a daily basis.

About the team

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in New York, Emptor is a fully remote B2B SaaS startup. We are focused on solving trust and safety issues in Latin America by using big data. Emptor currently serves large multinational technology firms operating in the region by building tools for operational decision making on a large scale. We have opportunities in product, sales, finance, infrastructure, architecture, web scraping, NLP, ML and data science.

Location & Hours

  • Remote – Global team, 8:00 AM UTC-5 to 8:00 PM UTC-5.

  • Hours Per Week: 24.


  • Fluent in Spanish with an emphasis on reading comprehension. Fluent in English.

  • Intermediate Excel Skills.

  • Experience working with databases and spreadsheets.

  • Basic understanding of search engines.


Practices & Behavior:

  • Excel Skills: familiar with math functions and basic concepts. Able to perform VLOOKUP, quickly search and enrich databases.

  • Reading Skills: Competent at reading and decoding Spanish texts of medium to high complexity.

  • Search Engines: Capable of doing advanced searches and using Boolean operators. Able to discern good results from bad results.

  • Basic knowledge in GSuite features (Drive, Calendar, Docs, etc).

  • Team work and collaborative attitude.

  • Ability to work in distributed/remote environment.

  • Basic problem solving and investigative skills.

  • Self motivated and independent.

  • Attention to detail.

Who can apply?

  • Data Entry Associate.

  • Administrative Assistant.

  • Recent graduates from any program.

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