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Consulting, Operations

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This is a part-time consulting role. We currently use Google Docs to document most of our processes. We have an employee handbook, but it doesn’t contain all of the relevant information that people need to know and it’s not a “living, breathing” document. Some areas of the business have processes that are actively used while other areas have processes that are written down, but are a bit stale and not really actively used. Other areas don’t have any written processes at all.


  • Organizing all the existing processes that we have.
  • Making sure that all employees are aware of the processes and documents that we have and making sure that they’ve read and understood them.
  • Improving the onboarding of employees for all functions in the business with better process documentation.
  • Helping teams document any other processes in our company.
  • This should be an incremental process, involving improving the documentation that we have and making sure that it’s useful and actively used by all teams.
  • Just writing down the processes isn’t enough. We need you to help us to make sure that these are useful, living documents.
  • This is also a job for a Business Process Consultant / Consultant – Business Process Improvement / Process Development and Improvement Consultant / work from home / telecommute virtual position.

About The Company:

Our vision is to be the most trusted time-tracking and productivity application for remote teams. We want to help companies know if their remote teams are working productively.

We develop and market Time Doctor, a time-tracking and productivity tool. Our software is used by individuals and teams to track time spent on tasks and to monitor computer activity. Time Doctor can take screenshots while a person is working, monitor keyboard and mouse activity, and track website and application usage.

We have a team of over 80 people working 100% remotely in 31 different countries.

Company – Time Doctor

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