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$18 per Project.  At Wonder you work on your own schedule. To give you the most flexibility, we pay per research task you complete. The price of each research task depends on the difficulty of the question, but you’ll always know how much each question is worth in advance and you have full discretion over which questions you work on. Active researches can earn $2,000 or more per month. Or work casually in your spare time — once a week or throughout the day.

Online Research - Ask Wonder

We are looking for freelance researchers to join Wonder’s research network. You’ll work from home, getting paid to do research while learning about new topics and gaining real-life business skills. You can set your own schedule, you get paid for each research request that you complete and active researchers can make up to $2K per month. You have full control over which research requests you want to work on.

Here are some example questions our clients ask:


  • Build up a certified portfolio of high-level research and analysis
  • Earn money working from anywhere
  • Research in your free time and as often as you’d like
  • Network with peers in a global community of independent researchers
  • Learn about new industries and access a growing database of original research

How To Apply

You can read more about the researcher role here.

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