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Location: Work from anywhere (Global)


Earn $400 for the engagement.


Paid Panel on Next-Generation Commercial Design

While the surfacing industry has been well established for over a hundred years, increased health and environmental awareness, emerging technologies, and shifting demands are forcing the industry to reinvent itself.

The industry is at the brink of transforming their products to address this potential white space opportunity. In order to pursue a changing and expanding market, the industry requires an understanding of the mega-trends shaping this space, the architectural needs of project managers/architects/designers, and the landscape of innovative surfacing solutions currently used by companies.

We are assembling a diverse panel of commercial architects/designers, surfacing consultants, and experts in smart technologies/IOT to vet this dynamic problem over a 4-day panel of online engagement. 


  •  Commercial architects and interior designers familiar with sustainability, green and LEED building trends
  •  Surfacing/laminates, coating, and furniture consultants
  • Experts in smart technology and the Internet of Things (IOT), with relevant experience in the commercial building and surfacing industry
  • Environment, health and safety professionals


Participation entails logging in at least once per day to respond to the daily question posted by the facilitator. This may include open ended questions, responding to peers, and simple surveys.


—  Earn $400 for the engagement
—  Learn about new developments in your space
—  Connect with high-caliber peers and expand your professional network
—  Enhance your reputation as a leading thinker on topics of passion and expertise

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